Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Cleo NZ collaborated with Karen Walker for their June issue, thus making the pages a good source of style-copying. Opps, I mean inspiration. After a fashion parch dry period for me after the tests and assignments that sucked out every ounce of energy I had, it is great to restart by putting together an outfit that someone else had tried and pull off successfully. Fashion newbies and fried brain all time fashion lovers should try this.

Studded flats - checked

High neckline tunic - checked

Little shoulder bag - checked


Outfit: Victorian neck dress - thrifted; tassled shoulder bag - Mango, studded flats - Vinci; big ring - Bling.


Bad Taste Toast said...

these studded flats look incerdibly cool!

nikol said...

I love that you managed to snag a victorian dress! And it looks great!


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