Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sick As A Dog

Ever since we came back from Thailand, almost everyone in the family are sick. Ian is down with severe food poisoning, dad with flu and sore throat, mom with joint pain and I with cough and a very bad cold. It's a good thing though, I think. It is as if our body is demanding us to rest -which is not working that well since considering it's way past midnight and I am still blogging. But I finally got the rush to take proper outfit shots and all that. I must give the credit to my hard-earned one day off work. *smile*

I took these shots in my much coveted bedroom which I would show my friends if given the chance, but I am not much of a socialite and I still keep the belief that it is not that proper to show guests your bedroom so only my close friends had seen and share the admiration of this pretty lair that I have.

In this shot: Zara plaid shirt, Esprit wool shorts, black knee-high stockings, brown brogues.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wawa Wacom!

I wish I can say that I bought lots of clothes, shoes and bags but the fact is I got lots of electronics and barely any clothes (considering the clothes and shoes fetish I had since I discovered Trademe). I got a new camera, a nintendo Wii and bought a new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch just hours ago. Since when did I become an electronic chick?! I got this bad feeling that I am gonna sell them off when I get back to NZ...but I am trying to be positive and think that I would fully utilise them. Just as how I am determine to do the things I wanna do (and can do) until I graduate and get a job and be forced into becoming a responsible adult. For now, I'm gonna do what I want. Blurh!

So here's what I got so far....

Wawa Wacom~!

I have no time for outfit shots! This is the best I can come out with. :(

Outfit: Esprit White Singlet, Esprit printed skirt, Overland gladiator sandals and Just Jeans soft leather bag.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Road Trips and Paper-thin Dresses

Oh laziness has certainly got the better of me. After all, it is my holiday, I should be relaxing and bumming around like my cousin, Shaun. I guess setting priorities and to-do-lists kills any holiday, regardless of the fun-ness in the personality. Kills!

I had only had 2 road trips since I was back, and one is just short, but not any less valuable. First was the one to Corine's place in Sungai Petani. She got married when I was still in NZ and I think she looked gorgeous in her photos (even though she thought she looked like the she-males from Thailand). So she's pregnant with baby girl Elie now and waiting for the big day! I think the road trip was just so nice.

I had to take one day off from work because her new place is an hour drive away. The weather was perfect, cloudy with no rain, a treasure in this season (unlike today, we were sure the sun was trying to burn off our skins). Here are some photos I took on the way to and back from Sg. Petani. I forgot to snap some with Corine because we were busy catching up. Yikes a doodle!

We also visited Pei Wen who lives in the Beverly Hills of Sungai Petani and she took a break from her Twilight frenzy to hang out and chat with us. My babe!

Penang Bridge

The second trip was the one to KL with mom, dad and Yvonne. We headed to Tambun for breakfast with Uncle Eddie and his family and turned back to Penang since daddy forgot his whole pile of clothes to bring. Lame-o! But the trip was good enough, I got my dream plaid shirt and a pull over sweater from Zara. Zaraaaa! You're amazing~ Come to Penang. Pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee~

Road Trip!!! Cheers~

Daddy's animated conversation...about bikes.

Sue Lynn hates to see me go. :(

Mom's posh Yves Saint Laurent's sunnies!

Amazing view~

I finally charged up my camera's batteries and took a couple of photos of the dress I wore tonight. We went to the mall for Japanese food and window shopped for a while. It was nice to have all my funky cousins around for a couple of hours. Ting is still downstairs with Yvonne watching telly. I think they are both too scared to sleep after a ghost story marathon just now. Hehe. Eeek!

My paper thin red dress gave dad a scare. He thought I was a ghost because he was drunk and heard Yvonne talking to someone in the TV room (he assume it was me) but then he saw me upstairs. To cut the long story short, he ask me who was it downstairs if I am here. I smiled. He almost fell off the stairs. Scardy cat!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's Up Malaysia?

Nothing really. I have been busy. I am so busy that this cannot possibly be considered a holiday. I just hope I can get my target done and so earn those extra bonus that is rewarding enough to justify this madness. Workaholicism. It's crazy. I am a shopaholic. Maybe obsessive compulsiveness is somewhere in my blood, boiling over every time I get too enthusiastic about something.

So that explains my lack of decent outfit post. Besides, my hard case is so heavy that I can hardly bring any decent clothes back with me even though I was already way over-stuffing my luggage. The lady was nice enough to let me pass through with an amazing 27.6kg when the limit was 20. Big thank you to you, Singapore Airlines lady.

Yvonne and dad took these outfit shots for me. I didn't intend to, they thought this outfit is pretty cool. Big smile!

The legendary little blue car.

This is so blurred I can't put it on Weardrobe/Chictopia. :(

I put together this outfit in a rush. An old Esprit shirt and my thrifted Sportsgirl boyfriend blazer. Works out preeetty well.

Not the average working class.
P/s: Hope you guys like my new haircut!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Not So Pleasant


Funky nails and docs

I actually took these photos weeks ago when I was in Christchurch, getting all distracted when I was packing my bags before heading home to Penang. Hmm...that was when Penang was a word that rings in my ear with the tinkling sounds very much like how "sales", "shoes", "designer bags" sounded to me. 3 weeks into my arrival and I am already anticipating my return.
9 months is enough to get me addicted to thrift stores, good online shopping systems and a 4-season walk-in closet. Boots seems like a bad choice half the time when I am here, but since dad got an old Hilux that I am allowed to drive, my docs seems to fit in better with the hot & humid weather. Just for looks.
Oh well. I am sad to say that the only victim of my shopaholicism thus far is only a rainbow coloured square scarf from Forever 21. And a deposit for a new entry level DSLR that is scheduled to arrived in 1-2 weeks. Wait up, people, a decent camera is just the beginning for any blogger. :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Looking Into My Window

Looking back into the years when I was this awkward little person - not that I am not one now - I cannot help but remember the days when I would look into his windows, more often than not, unlid. Once every few months, the lights would be turned on and I would know he was home; and I would wait, most impatiently but careful not to be noticed for his regular seat to be filled with his presence. I am sure his presence was not anymore electrifying to any other person in the room, but it seems to radiate towards me. Nudging me to turn my head every moment or so.

Now that feeling is gone, I have gotten rid of that box of a long dreamy crush. I have grown out of the years of awkward fantasies and idealistic dreams. I stepped away from the beautiful world I thought I had lived in just to see another beautiful place, cold, hard and but a bit less beautiful than the one that I had lived and breathed in. A place so idle yet engaging; so engaging that it is to be missed to do justice for the sake of its beauty.

Just as I stepped into my old world, that heavy humid air swam with such force that seemed to desire to burst my lungs from within. My head tipsy and my feet light. But the first thought in my mind were who is looking through to my window. Who is waiting for my light?

My foolishness and vanity. Who are you, the other me, the other foolish little person who waited so long, so hopefully for me?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Malicious Intentions

Nothing sucks more than living with a difficult person with a severe attitutional problem. Yes literally living with one, eat, drink, sleep, use the same loo with that person. Urgh..plain disgusting! I can't help but have malicious thoughts flying across my mind all day. Thoughts that involves sharp knitting needles, the classic kitchen knife, an imaginary pool in the backyard, a pair of black gloves, a stuffed up pillow... Thank goodness I don't sleepwalk. Who knows what my subconscious is capable of considering how many mischiefs I can plan consciously.

I did not have that much venomous thought when I took these photos but michief seems to lurk in the corner of my eyes. Simply love it.

In this photo:
Vintage Dots Dress worn as top, belt worn as hairband
Esprit A-line skirt
Thrifted skinny brown belt
Printed Tights
Clarks not-so-comfy Mary Janes

Le Blog De Betty

Do you speak French? No? Get Le Translator de Google, because you are going to need it soon. Here's why. I found Le Blog De Betty through one of the fashion community websites and it is simply awesome. So here's to entry level bloggers like me, watch out for Betty, she's a veteran in fashion blogophere!

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Photos from Le Blog De Betty

Sunny But Not So Warm After All

So it was my last weekend in Christchurch. I've never really get the thing about holidays. I know we need rests and stuff. But what's the deal about 3 months of rest every year? What do you do? Rest all 3 months? That's like coma isn't it? Blurh...

Since it is quite clear that unless I have some projects signed up or a summer job, I don't really have a reason to stay in Christchurch for all 3 months. And being a typical first-year, I've already made sure I get to go back for my holidays and bought my flight tix way earlier. So let me be grudgy this weekend. After lots of days listening to my sis's repeated complains about her friends, her chanting about her work, her admiration for the Ellen Degeneres Show. I quit. I will be grumpy and grudgy and not nice.

Roars. Don't mess with me, or I will kick you with me boots.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh My Fashion Show

Style Christchurch was on at Issac Theatre Royal yesterday. Olivia and I decided that it would be awesome to go and see what does a fashion show look like so we called up some girls, grabbed the tix and did our make-up and hair and make our way to our first fashion show together. Squeel!

Woot woot. All the designers (Zambesi, Annah Streton, Ruby, Nomad..) are from New nothing too fancy. Mostly streetwear, but there are some pretty wow-able dresses and ensemble. I'll get the pix up if I can edit them enough to see the details clearly. But first, girl pix!!!
Eva & the beautiful people. Esther, Jenifer & Olivia.
Jen, Esther, Chriss, Snipps & Eva
I love the brown belt. Burberry Prorsum inspired me to add the brown belt to absolutely everything.

Something to remember.

Ladies With An Attitude

So I went to Weardrobe's blog on Tumblr and found this. How cool is that eh? Just love the background music. Fits in oh-so-perfectly. *wink*

The Photobooth from Rich Tong on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nagger Nags, Whiner Complains

So I was talking to Big Bird from Sesame Street just now until my phone died on me. The big topic seemed to encircle around tuning out. One thing we both agreed on is that living with a woman is like living with a woman whom you got married to for 30 years. To simplify it, living with a woman, regardless of the actual relationship you are in with her, it will feel like she is your wife of 30 long miserable years.

Oh I have nothing against my own gender. I just think that if given the option to make life easier for someone else, we should take it, not trash it.

Nagger nags, whiner complains; that's what they do, otherwise they wouldn't be who they are. From the everyday habits of their friends, colleagues, garden, clothes, shoes...extending to things that have no relation to their life like American national TV. They just don't see the dark cloud hanging over their heads, the trail of trash cans tied to their waist.

I am not stupid, tuning out doesn't work half the time. Not listening doesn't mean you don't hear. Subconsciously absorbing is just as disturbing as actively engaging in such conversation. Only, tuning out probably helps to end the conversation quicker.

I would say. Take it easy, lady. There is nothing in life that you can't complain about if you are determined enough. Self control is a gift. And gifts, bring joy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


And I thought that things would take a turn for a better after the finals. But laziness crept in. So, this will have to do. At least for the next couple of days.

Oh and this dress! I think I have found something scream-worthy for this week.

Luella Spring/Summer 2010 - London Fashion Week

Alexa Chung digg it!

Yesh yesh, me likey too. Daddy, can I have one of those pleaseeeeee?

Monday, November 2, 2009

What I Dreamed About Last Night

I do not usually dream, or should I say I don't usually remember. That's why I do not know if I dreamed. Odd enough, a question popped in my mind yesterday - the night before my maths final exams - what would I dream tonight if I dream? The answers were instant, almost overlapping, the first was a fashion show, the second was my disastrous exams. Sure enough it happened.

The first and clearest dream was a fashion show - 3.1 Philip Lim's!!! And of course my exams. But the show was so vivid I can barely remember what I dreamed about the exams!

Ah Philip Lim. Such a good dream.

That Striped Dress

Yes, this is the striped dress that I talked about in my last few post. I went into a bidding war with another bidder and finally gloriously won it. I have my doubts how people tend to look awful in stripes. But I love this dress to bits. It keeps screaming out "Paris!" to me.

my striped dress - I'm a happy happy girl. :)

And those brogues!

The zipper on the sleeve.

me brogues!

Oh and exam's almost over. Excuse me for my tired worn out look. It'll be over soon. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Ultimate Travel Outfit

I was browsing when Rachel McAdam's flannel shirt ensemble caught my eyes. Love it to bits. Ankle boots melt my heart to a pitiful puddle of shopaholicism.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Revision

Nope, I have nothing to say. Except I still have a week of finals to survive. Study~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Exam Notice

It is officially exam time. Laws101 starts in approximately 9 hours. I love you my blog. I will strive to live through it and come home to you.


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