Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh My Fashion Show

Style Christchurch was on at Issac Theatre Royal yesterday. Olivia and I decided that it would be awesome to go and see what does a fashion show look like so we called up some girls, grabbed the tix and did our make-up and hair and make our way to our first fashion show together. Squeel!

Woot woot. All the designers (Zambesi, Annah Streton, Ruby, Nomad..) are from New nothing too fancy. Mostly streetwear, but there are some pretty wow-able dresses and ensemble. I'll get the pix up if I can edit them enough to see the details clearly. But first, girl pix!!!
Eva & the beautiful people. Esther, Jenifer & Olivia.
Jen, Esther, Chriss, Snipps & Eva
I love the brown belt. Burberry Prorsum inspired me to add the brown belt to absolutely everything.

Something to remember.

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