Thursday, December 20, 2007

.thank you.

I wanna thank you for you have cheered me up in my time of confusion. Still recalling the time when I turned to walk away, from you, from my brothers and my friend. Somewhat disappointed, someone missing the crowd already and you called me. I turned to see the warmest smile and a hearty "take care" embraced me. It kept me happy for weeks...I would still call you a brother...perhaps it would be enough to even let you stay this way, somewhat awkward and somewhat shy. A little too courteous but otherwise friendly. A brother and a sister in Christ.

I would pray at night first for you, then for all, for the family, for my friends, for school and my daily life. How His grace followed and His love restore my soul, and how your smile followed and make me smile even in the cold. So I wanna thank you, for making my day. And blessing me with the best words in my life.

-white girl-


I've just came back from this year's youth camp. tired. hungry. and lost my voice. Do give me a day break before pouring out kay? ^^ thanks.


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