Sunday, June 29, 2008


How long has it been since I was mesmerize by the dimmed light through the curtains? How long have I missed you and find that you are gone? I fumbled when you are not around, stumble and fall, stutter when people swam around me. You are there and I am here, nothing speaks as clearly as the distance itself. I wondered where would you be, not realizing that you live in my heart, complementing my each breath. I thought we are so far apart that I would not feel the mild scent of your presence. How would I know, that your reflection, it projects on me. All I have to do is just turn back and I will see you again.

Maybe we should just let the past be the past. The past! We can't ever go back again. So helpless, so helpless, I cannot go back in time to fall in love with you once again. Troubled, just like the white clouds are messing with my blue sky. If we are not meant for each other, to depend on together forever, to walk every path and share each steps of life, I pray for at least, the courage to miss those moments and the right to embrace you again, just to make you understand the remaining marks of my heartbeats. My heartbeats on you.

How I often wish to see you again, that I even tried to ask around about how you've been, where'd you go. How am I to know that you live in me, protecting my memories.


Friday, June 20, 2008

找个人谈恋爱吧!Go go, lovers!

开心!是非常开心。我的暑假好漫长喔~ 还没开始我已经在担心会太无聊,所以索性找了份工作,当当妈妈的得力助手。哈哈~ 不错的头衔,百万保险代理员的助手。多亏老板娘的厚待,我的工资是个漂亮的一千元,既是差不多新台币一万元。对于一个还未上大学,游手好闲的我,真的还一点也不差。

车子是有啦,一辆惹火的 AUDI A4;青春是有啦,最后的 Teenage。一个人走在大街上,信心是一点也不比人家少。好漫长的假期呀~!找个人恋爱吧!找个爱我的,讨我开心的,可爱的人, 恋爱吧!他会让我靠着他的肩膀看电影,让我跟他抢着吃泡面,打篮球时欺负我,开车时有点酷酷的,跟我在一起时却是可爱的。哇,好漂亮的画面啊~

好男人死光光啦~ 哈哈~ 在想象之外的世界哪儿找啊~ 不纳闷,我却不纳闷。因为我找到了我的他。他无所不在,好浪漫,好浪漫,我唱歌时,他会坐在我面前,用那明亮的眼,仿佛我的歌声是最美好的。若我发现他不见了,我会担心,他却会从我的背后拥抱我,让他的体温让我放心休息。无论我去那里,他都跟我在一起。同时,我也喜欢跟着他,不能失去他,我的每一分,每一秒。我不开心时,会把头靠在他的胸前,喃喃的对他倾述,让他的手放在我的肩,松松的拥抱,脚步在那原地上轻轻题踏着,好像在跳舞。



Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Greatest Thing

There are so many good things that I can say about God, if I make a list, I don't think I would have time to go take a nap before tonight's service. And the thing is, He is go great that His goodness is overflowing from me. It's natural for people who are blessed to want to share to everyone about the good things that happen.

It's kind of a turn-off when people just refuse to hear or refuse to believe that good things can still happen in this age. It hurts to see that people who dwell in this world alone for all these time, they start to loose faith in the smallest miracle, they become to rational to be spiritual. It's just like how people don't cry a real tear don't chuckle a real laughter anymore.

But the greatest thing about God is that He is alive. He is alive. All present tense. It's a statement. HE IS ALIVE. No matter how much you want to deny it, He is. It doesn't matter if you don't believe it, or you simply ignore the fact that He is, or you couldn't care less because you're too busy, the fact won't turn fiction. He is alive.

Miracles won't stop happening, young people won't stop making prophesy, old people won't stop dreaming dreams, men and women of God won't stop preaching, Christians won't stop walking with faith. It doesn't matter if you don't believe. You can deny all great works that God did, is doing or will do in the future. But all of us know it is true, He is the God, one and only God, living God. He doesn't need your confirmation. It's the other way round, we need HIS!

If you don't believe, you are the one who's missing out. God's timing. Grab hold of Him today, because even if you won't, I will.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Night

This is the last night I will spend gouging down questions and details to get ready for my last paper. A peculiar paper in my context, having no cases to cite, no quotations to get all flourish with and no long writing to do. What a day I had, I must be tired, and not yet so, there is a long road ahead. My robust spirit would not allow me to be tired, I have a long way to go.

What way, then... I have no idea. When will I be leaving, for where and when will I be back? I have never been so unknowing in my life yet I know I am not lost. He is my light, I just have to walk towards Him all the time. When the light gets dimmer, I know I haven't got it right, so I'll turn back to the direction where my light shines. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Trust me when I say I am never so unknowing in my life, I am finishing up an exam which I know not the results, they can either bring me further or pull me down; I am waiting for a scholarship which will provide me a chance, I do not know what will be the outcome; I am heading to somewhere, I do not know where and how can I get there; my sister is quiting her job, she loves it but she quits; my brother is far away, half a globe away, with less words than ever spoke before. Yet I am sure, this is not a free fall.

The Lord is my shepherd, what more can I ask? Jehovah Jireh, He gave me everything in my life. Each day, my first breath reminds me that He had preserved my life, each step, when my foot touch the ground, it reminds me that He had set my foot there. What more can I ask. All sin washed away, all dirt, all past scrape anew. I am clean, I am free, I am new, for You made me so.

You are my joy, You are my tears. You fill my heart with song when You say that You are near. How could this be? For all You've done for me, is that not enough? The abundance overwhelms my simple heart, yet You promise more good to come. You are my tears, when you said to me, Your love is enough, more intimate than lovers, more loving than fathers, who are You? And who am I to be so loved? But as I struggled in tear and dirt, Your spirit came, and wash them all away, You hold me tight in Your arms and assures me it's okay, they have all gone away. I sobbed in Your embrace, who am I to be so loved, my wounds on You and Your joy on I.

I will love You forever and serve You all my life. Cancel all my doubts, O God, and set my heart upon thine. I love You forever, You are my joy, my guidance, my vine.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Most Beautiful Flower of The Season.

Do you believe, that the most beautiful plant of the season bloom unintendedly? We would have think, the firy red and the cheerful green comes from months of nurture, heaps of effort. But the most beautifuls of the season, we bloomed unintended.

A spontanious act, a random conversation, a chain of acquaintance. We might not be the peak among the world, but we are certainly the most beautiful among the season. Carrying burdens of our own, each coming from a completely different route, we might not have met at all. Yet we did, our souls met, I was simply amazed, how can we be so similar, how can we be the same. Had all the people of the world share the same course, same choices and same struggles each day. Or it is just us who so unintendedly shared the same. But no, it is not the way we live our lives that makes us the same.

We shared. It doesn't matter what made us do so, the cold, the stress, the air, or truth or dare. I am glad to have the honour of bringing us together. For I had not done it in my own grace. It was, as I said, an unintented act. I may not have appreciated every moment we shared, but the only ones that I can make a point to remember is the things that we shared. Call me naive to have believed every thing that everyone has shared, it would be stupid to dwell in the world with so much faith in everyone, everywhere, but I do, believe, in everything we shared.

Shaun, you are the help in time of need. I hate the fact that I have been most stern with you, both in words and action, because I believe you to be, and will be a better man. I am sure that in anytime, anywhere, when anyone can call upon a help that would never reject, it is for yours. For sure, you have a kind soul. May you be as wonderful as you have ever been before, as wise as any man can ever ask for, and have all the joy in the world for all the kindness you have blessed others with.

Andrew, you are my joy. You have been great knowing all the mess you have to bear, but you would stand up for any causes that you care for. I believe you to be different, for in Christ you will be blessed. May you have all the confidence and faith in the world, knowing nobody is ever the best, we are just made and mold in different ways. And may Jesus be your guidance, source of faith and wisdom. Ask and it shall be given to you. My brother, my friend.

Pung, you are the special one. You have the something that none of us have. I do not have the word to describe your gift. I believe you to be able to put any gift of yours into full use, gaining more talents as you use them in the course of your life. Trust yourself to be set apart from the ordinary. Live your life like no one else can, do that simply because you can. Strengthen your faith in the Lord, try a freefall with Him. It would be amazing.

Gui Wei, you are the song. Yes, you are the song, not because you sing, but it is your life, your thoughts and your graceful steps that sang. I understand your appreciation, and truly admire your determination. That is one thing that I lack, I find it rare, but I found it in you. I am glad to be able to have you with me when I feels like dancing around, and singing along. You have always been a gracious friend and one that truly understands. May you have the guts to break through to the things that you already understand. Trust that you deserve the best. And sing on, for you are the song.

Pei Wen, you are the innocence. It must be obvious, from your laughs and your dependence. You have all the contentment in the world, and they bring you joy. But always, always, always be confident that you have a long road to go, and you will need all the faith you can muster to keep you standing. Seek forth, not only to live life, but to excel life. I am sorry that I had been ignorant of your appreation of me, I am sorry that I had been rude sometimes. You deserve all the support you can get in life and you certainly will be a treasure to have in my life.

Francis, you are an everlasting company. I am honoured to share your memories. It is not easy for someone to be found walking so closely to you for more than half your life. You are a uniquely gifted person. I believe you to own the power to command your life. Take control, take charge, you have the reasons to do so, and you certainly have the talents to allow you to do so. My old friend, I can tell you, you are ready, for so much more ahead of you. Take a step out to be far apart from your comfort zone, you might discover, you are more than just you.

Aanand, you are my friend. I know it may sound disappointing to say that you are "just" as friend. But I want you to know, friends are connected in the most magical way. We are neither related nor attached in any way. But we can talk so freely about something we wanted to share. Though in an unplanned situation, able to encourage and to truely share. It is as though I walked in your shoes through your time. And I am glad you gave me the privilege to do so. In times to come, I will always pray for you to find the happiness like no other, a greater friend like no other, an undefined love that will make you stutter and a life that is an inspiration to others.

Esther, you are the last one I am to defined, you are the voyager. I believe so because you can see the routes, and the lightness of heart like one. I am truly sorry that we couldn't spend more time knowing each other, it would have been sweet memories altogether. In fact, I say you can take care of youself well, you are not a worry to us but in faith, I say you have all the choices you can ever ask for. So it is always up to you to decide which route you would take. May you have all the strength to make that choice and to stay firm in whatever you have chose, whatever route you take.

I thank you, most beautifuls of the season. We may each take a different path after the short-lived bloom, but we will remain as the most beautifuls of this season, our season. You are my most beautiful, because you are special to me.

Yours truly, always,

Saturday, June 7, 2008

i love sms

SMS wishes

1. Sin Ling (Rejection T-T)
"Knowin that this sat will b ya bday,i assume that the picnic has somethin to do with it.....anyway thanks for invitin.a very happy 19th in advance to u.

2. Aanand (my son)
"Happy B'day 2 u,u're born in d zoo,wif d donkeys n monkeys n hw do u do? 19th B'day Eva!..eer,I mean mum=)..Hope u hv a awesome n sucessfull year ahead of u including wif ....!

3. Andrew
。*。 蒙。*。
福。\ l /。福
。 生日快乐。
福。/ l \ 。福

4. Linkah
"happy birthday..I not at home..can't wish u there..haha [From unknown number]"
"forgot to tell u I'm linkah"

5. Jh
"Eva! Happy bday!! God bless ya.. Hope u enjoy urself tmr!"

6. Francis
"Happy birthday!"

7. Yeh Khai

8. Eujin
"Happy and blessed birthday ms eva :) how young d hah? ;)hehe.."
..I replied that I will be blowing 19 candles this year...later...
"Wah banyak :) hv a nice day,will c u soon..will be bk end of june then"

9. Sue Lin
"Eva,just want to wish u a Happy Birthday! May God bless ur special day n everyday..hope u'll enjoy ur outing tml. =)

10. Chee Theng
"Happy birthday..And happy 端午节for sunday..^o^"

11. Daddy~ muax*
"Happy birthday. Darling Eva. With love fr daddy. Have u placed a booking for tao restaurant?"

12. Cyndy, the 1st lady for me.
"Happy birthday dear! Stay pretty n healthy alwis ;p"

13. Kheng Huat - all the way from Ukraine
"Happy 19th birthday eva! Njoy ur final teenage year!"

14. Jack

15. Sue Ann
"Eva girl, drop by to wish u a Blessed Burfday&all ur wishes come through!Sry couldn't join the outing today,exams soon le.enjoy ur day yea,make it a blast!! :)"

16. Q che

17. Kah Yee
"Happy Birthday! from Bao"

18. Bro. Bernard, Sis Tabitha and cuti Eunice~
"Happy & Blessed birthday, to u, Eva on 7 Jun 08 from Bro Bernard, Sis Tabitha & Eunice Lim"

19. Yee Ling
"Hey cutie eva,happy 19th to u><..Hope u gt a great celebration:-)

20. Gui Wei
..after asking abt his mean of transport to the party place...
"好。还有hor 生日快乐!嘻嘻"

Friday, June 6, 2008


她也就像任何一个普通的女生。在夜里,穿上了一件稍旧的 T-Shirt,一件一样旧的运动裤,湿湿的头发盘坐在电脑前不如一回事的嘀嘀嗒嗒的打了一篇又一篇的部落各。手指的动作是如此熟练,仿佛失去了那份原有的悸动。谁又知道心急的她是在挣扎着把那片心情放上那无人浏览的网址。无人浏览的那空间,不是为了让人了解,只求那份心情可以找个地方,自由妄想。






Wednesday, June 4, 2008


2 and 7 used to be my favourite numbers; 2 I just like it, it's seems pleasant to me, and 7 because it's God's number. But I bet tonnes of people hate the combination now. It's the rumoured price for petrol after the hike. It used to be RM1.92 for every litre. Mum said it's gonna be 4 bucks per litre in August, 'cause they said the petrol price will rise to the market price, 4 freakin' bucks, that is. Hmm. I still love 2 and 7, separated or not.

Anyway, it took us about 2 hours to jam our way to the Petronas, and mum really wanted to go to the loo. I guess we blame the government. They could have subsidize our petrol. Andrew wore this T-shirt that demand a certain leader to step down. Hmm.. I have no comment. He can stay if he can help us with the petrol price. I'm not gonna be happy if mum and dad decide to sell off my Audi because of its petrol consumption.

Guess what? There was this moment when I actually hated the petrol station. Not Petronas though, it's a Shell station. They close the station down just now. We passed Greenlane McDonalds at about 7.30p.m. The station was closed but the station's office has its lights on, meaning there was actually someone inside. Sneaky sneaky. Hmm...They think they can save their stocks till after the hike and sell us the old stocks after the price increased. HA! Caught in the act. And there was this reporter there who took pictures of the petrol station. Of course we will know which one after that. Where else can you find a SHELL station beside Penang most well-known McDonalds.

Here are some pictures that I took while waiting for the queue and while pumping petrol.

It was drizzling a lil' when we got to the station.

The people are already there to get their tank-fulls of petrol.

And they just keep coming! Look at those cars!

This fella was so happy he was pointing and dicussing about the petrol price.

Petronas personnel helping to organize the traffic.

Mum was getting annoyed by the long queue. X/

Pumping petrol was neve so hard! He's trying to screw the cap of the petrol tank in.

Full tank. YAY!

Actually I was just happy that mum paid for the bills. Now I can drive to Tanjung Bungah for canoe-ing this weekend dee! Whee~ Happy Birthday, Va~


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So long, so long.

My summer starts now, it's gonna last for one week, so long, so long. Idle days to come. Stroll on the sunny streets, walking like any other pedestrians, only it's my summer, so long so long. Then drive on the road just beside those, sometimes with the window down after rain, like those leaving this town, goodbye. It's gonna be my summer. With my friends, my God, my car, the beach and the summer time.

I'm sure this season can be held in my arms, like the sunshine and the wind. Be random and spontanious. To fall in love with my favourite band again, those who practice in the garage with a few guitars, a keyboard and a drum. How the strumming of the guitar stays in the air when the music goes quiet and build up again. Take a deep breath and breath in the dreamy voice of the lead. So long, so long.

Stay with you for a while, jump around for a while, maybe a run in the beach, a few screams and some happy shouts. I will live under the cover of the summer breeze under the sky. Just as summer was here. I was here and now I'm gone. I'm gone, I'm gone. So long, so long.

-summer time. so long so long-


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