Saturday, June 7, 2008

i love sms

SMS wishes

1. Sin Ling (Rejection T-T)
"Knowin that this sat will b ya bday,i assume that the picnic has somethin to do with it.....anyway thanks for invitin.a very happy 19th in advance to u.

2. Aanand (my son)
"Happy B'day 2 u,u're born in d zoo,wif d donkeys n monkeys n hw do u do? 19th B'day Eva!..eer,I mean mum=)..Hope u hv a awesome n sucessfull year ahead of u including wif ....!

3. Andrew
。*。 蒙。*。
福。\ l /。福
。 生日快乐。
福。/ l \ 。福

4. Linkah
"happy birthday..I not at home..can't wish u there..haha [From unknown number]"
"forgot to tell u I'm linkah"

5. Jh
"Eva! Happy bday!! God bless ya.. Hope u enjoy urself tmr!"

6. Francis
"Happy birthday!"

7. Yeh Khai

8. Eujin
"Happy and blessed birthday ms eva :) how young d hah? ;)hehe.."
..I replied that I will be blowing 19 candles this year...later...
"Wah banyak :) hv a nice day,will c u soon..will be bk end of june then"

9. Sue Lin
"Eva,just want to wish u a Happy Birthday! May God bless ur special day n everyday..hope u'll enjoy ur outing tml. =)

10. Chee Theng
"Happy birthday..And happy 端午节for sunday..^o^"

11. Daddy~ muax*
"Happy birthday. Darling Eva. With love fr daddy. Have u placed a booking for tao restaurant?"

12. Cyndy, the 1st lady for me.
"Happy birthday dear! Stay pretty n healthy alwis ;p"

13. Kheng Huat - all the way from Ukraine
"Happy 19th birthday eva! Njoy ur final teenage year!"

14. Jack

15. Sue Ann
"Eva girl, drop by to wish u a Blessed Burfday&all ur wishes come through!Sry couldn't join the outing today,exams soon le.enjoy ur day yea,make it a blast!! :)"

16. Q che

17. Kah Yee
"Happy Birthday! from Bao"

18. Bro. Bernard, Sis Tabitha and cuti Eunice~
"Happy & Blessed birthday, to u, Eva on 7 Jun 08 from Bro Bernard, Sis Tabitha & Eunice Lim"

19. Yee Ling
"Hey cutie eva,happy 19th to u><..Hope u gt a great celebration:-)

20. Gui Wei
..after asking abt his mean of transport to the party place...
"好。还有hor 生日快乐!嘻嘻"


Francis Foo said...

haha..i made the msg looks so plain because i think it's more sincere to wish it to u personally...words uttered by mouth are more valuable than words in plain sms msg-es..hehe..

aanand said...

haha,well i agree...i made mine a lil cheeky juz 2 kacau u since i was wif u when u turned 19! n thanx 4 d acknowledgement dat i'm ur son...haha..n i c dat somebody wished u was well,AHEM,


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