Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Captain, Good Bargain!

Okay I look awful in this outfit photo but I have been just so much of a slug that I don't even bother about moisturising anymore. All I want is sleep. So ignore that, I have some great new after these mandatory outfit shots. :D

Huffer Navy PomPom Dress
Glassons Lace Tights
Miss Selfridge Patent Ankle Booties
P. Princess Necklace
Cross Earrings from ages ago
See this? Recognise it? Yep, that is the much talked about Dear Creature Captain Dress, also known as the Calivintage Dress (named after the amazing blogger by Modcloth). It is gorgeous, pleats and nautical collar, with brown-bronze-like ribbon over navy woven material, how purfect is that! Unfortunately, the price was more than a little bit out of reach for me, not even a bountiful minimum wage can salvage that. Here are some places you can get it from: BuyDefinition, Modcloth, Shopruche, and 80's Purple. The price ranges from US$118 to $129. Pricey no? I almost yell at my laptop when I saw that exception. HAHA. I snatched it up with my grubby tim-tam-covered fingers right away. Check this out. Penelope's is having a sale. $88, Buy it or forever hold your peace. OR pay $30 extra for it.

I am assuming that my purchase was successful just because the money had already been deducted from my magic card - I hope the sale went through alright :S. And one major reason to shop from expensive American online shops? Ian, my beloved brother granted me access to his US addresss. WOOT. I love my brother. :) Sincerely, not just because he did that huge favour without me asking. But because he had always been loving and nice. :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June: Things I saw and liked

Candy for your lustrous eyes.

Source: Madewell, Google Images, Modcloth, Stockholm Street Style, The Skinny, Style Scout, The SF Style, Streetpeeper, Daily Alexa Chung.

Just turned 21

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. But after finishing all my tests in the most miserable ungraceful way, all I wanted to to rest, thus the hiatus without notice. My weekend was relaxing and I turned 21 on Monday! Which was also the Queen's birthday. Ever since young I am convinced that no matter what happens I will celebrate it on the day itself, not before, not after. So we sucked it up and paid the 15% surcharge for dinner.

When I put the event up in facebook, I put Total Sanguine 21 as the title because it fitted that case perfectly, I did not plan the event at all. My cellphone was out mainly because I refuse to top up my cellphone credit during exam time. The booking was made and changed a few times and all the guests did not get invited until the night before and the invitation was sent out around midnight.

I had completely no idea what I would wear, but then Yvonne and I went to the city earlier that day for lunch with my aunt so we took a detour and I grabbed this gorgeous bow top from Witchery (which was on sale!). Isn't this top amazing?! And from Witchery! I would never buy anything off Witchery unless there is a sale. They are so posh and expensive! Anyhow, I paired it with my favourite skirt, patterned tights and my favourite shoes. Rex came to pick me up a minute after I put on a decent amount of make up and I was running around the house stuffing things into my handbag.

The dinner went beautifully and I just realised and counted that 21 people turned up! I got around 150wishes from facebook, texts, emails etc. So I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and those who couldn't come but sent their wishes. You guys are amazing!

P/s: Yvonne gave me $150 birthday money which I splurged on two huffer dress and some thermals, show you next post? :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big coat day and a glimpse of sunlight

Yet another try at photography

It had been raining for almost two weeks and finally we got some sunlight today. I don't mind winter that much really, just as long as it is dry and not too windy. Oh and I realise that I talk way more about weather when I am in New Zealand, simply because the weather changes so much and it is crucial to wear the right clothes, not just pretty ones but warm ones.

Mom called yesterday and asked me if I still dress up all pretty for school and I totally had this warm fuzzy feeling inside. Mom and I are both girly girls with a hint of tomboy-ish bully element. Many people that I know told me I am a lot like mom and I am glad. Whenever we go shopping together we would always secretly lock our doors and try out our clothes right after we got home. When I first started doing it, I used to think it so convenient, mom never comes and check on me when I was trying out my new clothes and making funny happy sounds in my room, turns out she had been doing the same thing in her room.

Anyhow, we got a glimpse of sunlight today and I am so totally appreciative of that and dressed up all nice. I was going for the Alexa Chung with big coat and denim dress look, complete with thigh high socks and everything, but this outfit only really saw the light for no more than an hour. I just walked to the campus right opposite our place to get some notes printed and back. Oh well, I did feel all happy looking all brit-like with my chignon so I guess it's all worth it.

Oh how I love big coats. Ignore me making a face. I was just too excited. Isn't this coat in the prefect length and colour? Oh coaats.

what I wore:
Denim dress
Just Jeans scarf
Thigh high socks
Clarks kitten pumps
Thrifted bag


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