Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Captain, Good Bargain!

Okay I look awful in this outfit photo but I have been just so much of a slug that I don't even bother about moisturising anymore. All I want is sleep. So ignore that, I have some great new after these mandatory outfit shots. :D

Huffer Navy PomPom Dress
Glassons Lace Tights
Miss Selfridge Patent Ankle Booties
P. Princess Necklace
Cross Earrings from ages ago
See this? Recognise it? Yep, that is the much talked about Dear Creature Captain Dress, also known as the Calivintage Dress (named after the amazing blogger by Modcloth). It is gorgeous, pleats and nautical collar, with brown-bronze-like ribbon over navy woven material, how purfect is that! Unfortunately, the price was more than a little bit out of reach for me, not even a bountiful minimum wage can salvage that. Here are some places you can get it from: BuyDefinition, Modcloth, Shopruche, and 80's Purple. The price ranges from US$118 to $129. Pricey no? I almost yell at my laptop when I saw that exception. HAHA. I snatched it up with my grubby tim-tam-covered fingers right away. Check this out. Penelope's is having a sale. $88, Buy it or forever hold your peace. OR pay $30 extra for it.

I am assuming that my purchase was successful just because the money had already been deducted from my magic card - I hope the sale went through alright :S. And one major reason to shop from expensive American online shops? Ian, my beloved brother granted me access to his US addresss. WOOT. I love my brother. :) Sincerely, not just because he did that huge favour without me asking. But because he had always been loving and nice. :D


PeiWen said...


daisymay said...

Love your dress, its so very cute!

daisymay said...
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Shoeperwoman said...

You look absolutely *adorable* in these pics and not the least bit bad :)

And I love the sailor dress - isn't it amazing when you find something you love at a price you weren't expecting?

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh wow, how I love your blue dress! You look so gorgeous! :)

Cara said...

Such a cute outfit :) I love your dress and tights <3

AMY said...

you do not look awful at all! those are really cute pictures and your dress is also very cute!


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