Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just turned 21

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. But after finishing all my tests in the most miserable ungraceful way, all I wanted to to rest, thus the hiatus without notice. My weekend was relaxing and I turned 21 on Monday! Which was also the Queen's birthday. Ever since young I am convinced that no matter what happens I will celebrate it on the day itself, not before, not after. So we sucked it up and paid the 15% surcharge for dinner.

When I put the event up in facebook, I put Total Sanguine 21 as the title because it fitted that case perfectly, I did not plan the event at all. My cellphone was out mainly because I refuse to top up my cellphone credit during exam time. The booking was made and changed a few times and all the guests did not get invited until the night before and the invitation was sent out around midnight.

I had completely no idea what I would wear, but then Yvonne and I went to the city earlier that day for lunch with my aunt so we took a detour and I grabbed this gorgeous bow top from Witchery (which was on sale!). Isn't this top amazing?! And from Witchery! I would never buy anything off Witchery unless there is a sale. They are so posh and expensive! Anyhow, I paired it with my favourite skirt, patterned tights and my favourite shoes. Rex came to pick me up a minute after I put on a decent amount of make up and I was running around the house stuffing things into my handbag.

The dinner went beautifully and I just realised and counted that 21 people turned up! I got around 150wishes from facebook, texts, emails etc. So I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and those who couldn't come but sent their wishes. You guys are amazing!

P/s: Yvonne gave me $150 birthday money which I splurged on two huffer dress and some thermals, show you next post? :)


Asteria said...

happy 21st!

Ray Hidayat said...

I really loved your top actually


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