Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lookbook Invititation!

I just bought these ah-mazing socks from Topshop yesterday. This post is for all you lookbookers! Hype me if you like it.

And as I promise, I'll be giving out lookbook invitation. Just leave your email in the comment and I'll send out the invitation to the lucky ones!

I'll be drawing the emails on this same time next week! All the best!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ahoy all ya happy campers!

Let's get shopping. Chinese New Year is around the corner, who cares if you're a yellow-skin or not. There's never a bad excuse for shopping. And I'm here to give you a good reason to.

Karmaloop is giving out discounts!!!

All you have to do is type in this rep code "ELE26" when you checkout.

This gives you 20% off your initial purchase and 10% off all your future purchases. :D


Monday, January 18, 2010

Thakoon Pre-Fall '10


Photos from here.

Look out people, I'll be giving out invites sometime this week. Stay put! :D

Colour Me Out

Uh... I hate my job. Overworked, underpaid. And the worst of all, time consuming. It literally ate up my holiday. :(

It's so not fair. I want a long holiday that I can go on vacations, do lots of shopping and take pretty pictures, outdoors and not during midnight before I head to bed in my bedroom. Life sucks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I wanna be on top

I am a grump today because my boss was being difficult. And I was totally worn out from the 2 car breakdowns yesterday and the day before. I can only say, I don't appreciate it when he insisted that I stay after working hours to sit out on a happy hour drinking session hosted by the bank which he is a VIP customer of. It was excruciating. Then I hurt my knee just now. A series of unfortunate event.

I think I can only feel better in a comfy ensemble. Good old T-shirt and shorts. And a pair of killer boots to kick my boss. Feisty.

Outfit: Perpetual Princess ring, Mango Tee, Cotton On shorts, black knee-hi's, Doc Martens.

I don't care what they say I'm in love with you

I suddenly remembered about shopaholics yesterday. Not the series of book, but shopaholics in general, well, mainly famous ones. Like Mary Todd Lincoln, Marie Antoinette... etc. It seems like most of them would have some kind of preference on things they spend on (as in Mary Todd Lincoln who bought 300 pairs of gloves in a day). Then I thought of my dad, who calls himself a "collector", he splurge mainly on cars, bikes, cameras, electronic devices, watches and men's shoes. He has tonnes of clothes too.

So I was taking my outfit shot after reading an article about consistency in blogging. It hit me. I knew it from the moment, my fetish was for coats. Make sense though. I grew up in a country with no cold weather. Seeing, touching or wearing a good warm coat means we are heading somewhere far far away for holiday. The thrill of holding a thick heavy coat is just exhilarating.

Naturally, now that I spend most of my year studying down south, I have to own some decent coats to keep this tropical shopaholic alive and buying. Of course, I don't need them here with me. But as I open my closet in search of a decent outfit to put together, I found lots of outerwear that I barely have a chance to wear. And they are just gorgeous!

The black trench that I wore on the journey back from NZ.
That cute pink corduroy jacket with with furry collar that mom and dad bought for me years ago.
All hail the Sportsgirl pinstriped boyfriend blazer. Every tall girl's best friend!
Meet my new favourite! The super comfy stylist military jacket from Forever21!
Thrifted denim jacket, literally cheap as chips. Worth every penny I paid!

My outfit of the day, remember to hype me in! :)

Much love,

Newly found jacket shopaholic

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frankie Magazine

Introducing Frankie Magazine, of art, fashion, music, craft and life. I found this bi-monthly magazine in Ruby's boutique. The magazine is based in the great land of Oz but nonetheless retain the artsy feeling that those big zines in the states have. I think it's awesome. Very much like what we see and speak about in lula magazine.

Since I was stuck at work until well after my working hours. And my bosses, being my parents thought it was appropriate for me work every minute while I was still at the office. I stole about an hour to do this collage while I could. That was before dad flood my desk with another stack of his dream projects and mom with bunch of long detailed formal letters.

Hope you readers like this mag as much as I do :) Toodles!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Old Dress

Look look! I bought this dress! Seriously hope that the shipment arrives tomorrow. :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

That Striped Dress

I didn't get to wear this dress as often as I like to, mainly because I love it so much that I want to preserve it by not washing it too often. Being on holiday in Malaysia doesn't help of course. Nobody wears dresses here! I guess I must really miss the seasons in New Zealand that I took all these short with scarves and things that I would wear in the cold weather.

And because of that, I had to turn on the air conditioner in my room as I take my pictures. So please pardon the bad lighting and the not-so-well-hidden mess. :(

Happy New Year!

Late new year wishes from me! I certainly hope that you readers are being more fruitful/ productive than me. All I did since the first day of this decade was shopping and (lots of) sleeping. Blurh! I barely replied any texts unless it is absolutely necessary.

So, I guess I should come up with a new year resolution... which will be done after I get my sleep.

I am seriously missing the 00's already. For all you people out there, Happy New Year!

P/s: I got my invitation code to! I still can't decide what to post for my first look :D Any suggestions?


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