Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't care what they say I'm in love with you

I suddenly remembered about shopaholics yesterday. Not the series of book, but shopaholics in general, well, mainly famous ones. Like Mary Todd Lincoln, Marie Antoinette... etc. It seems like most of them would have some kind of preference on things they spend on (as in Mary Todd Lincoln who bought 300 pairs of gloves in a day). Then I thought of my dad, who calls himself a "collector", he splurge mainly on cars, bikes, cameras, electronic devices, watches and men's shoes. He has tonnes of clothes too.

So I was taking my outfit shot after reading an article about consistency in blogging. It hit me. I knew it from the moment, my fetish was for coats. Make sense though. I grew up in a country with no cold weather. Seeing, touching or wearing a good warm coat means we are heading somewhere far far away for holiday. The thrill of holding a thick heavy coat is just exhilarating.

Naturally, now that I spend most of my year studying down south, I have to own some decent coats to keep this tropical shopaholic alive and buying. Of course, I don't need them here with me. But as I open my closet in search of a decent outfit to put together, I found lots of outerwear that I barely have a chance to wear. And they are just gorgeous!

The black trench that I wore on the journey back from NZ.
That cute pink corduroy jacket with with furry collar that mom and dad bought for me years ago.
All hail the Sportsgirl pinstriped boyfriend blazer. Every tall girl's best friend!
Meet my new favourite! The super comfy stylist military jacket from Forever21!
Thrifted denim jacket, literally cheap as chips. Worth every penny I paid!

My outfit of the day, remember to hype me in! :)

Much love,

Newly found jacket shopaholic

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