Friday, June 19, 2009

such a pain

Proud people bring distaste to me. Show-offs and childish pricks. But I know at times I am one myself. A prick, selfish and stuck up. That's why it puts me off. I am trying - maybe not hard enough - to be humble. Humble people amaze me. I want to be like that. Witty and humble that humiliate proud people and put them where they should be.

So, this is just a reminder to myself. There is nothing to be proud of. We are just people. Not any better than one another. We're just, hmm, different. *shrugs*



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shopaholic Anonymous

I have to admit it, I love it! I love shopping, I certainly hope that I am not a shopaholic. And yea, I don't think I can be categorize as one yet. Thank God for self-control. I know, I know, I still crave for Prada bags, drool over boots and gloves and dresses and jeans, heck, even tights and stockings and socks and scarfs and accessories and tops and jackets. And okay, it's true that I still buy books that I have no time to read and used to pile dvds up and haven't finishing watching them before buying another bunch and buy lots of pens that I haven't finishing using. But I window shop nowadays. See, I am refraining!

Here's the test. For YOU.

If you have a closet full of clothes you do not wear with tags and labels still swinging at your sight, shoes that are still in boxes or just a bunch of books or dvds that you have not finished watching or reading. You probably are.

Shopaholics are not dumb or in anyway mentally or intelligencely inferrior than normal shoppers. They are perfectly aware that they have stocked up pretty well in their closets or wardrobes and bookshelves. However, they tend to justify their purchase, i.e.: oh I don't have that shade, yes, I should get it, 'cause it's a different version, and well, this one is just different. In other words, they differentiate the products.

Shopaholic behaviours are plainly impulsive, not compulsive. Compulsive behaviours are a reaction to counteract an upsetting thought or situation.'s plain impulsive. I wanna do it, I wanna do it now. So no, people don't go shopping because they are sad.

Shopaholics includes men and women alike. It's just that in most cases, men are "collectors" and women are just shopaholics. No thanks to Sophie Kinsella. Statistics shows that the proportion of men overshopping are the same as the proportion of female shopaholics. And overspending includes services as well, not only goods, e.g.: hair-dos, facials...

There you go. So my dad was a "collector", he "collected" cigars, liquor, cars, furnitures, etc. Mom loves bags and shoes and has her fair collection of parfum. So, I have my books and stationeries. I'll exclude clothings as I still have that area pretty much under control. Whew~

The key to curb shopaholicism or to avoid being one, is none other than self-control. I am learning mine as I go along. Hope you guys are too. =)

With love,


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wanna be on top?

AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Boots~! I'm getting one of those high heels ones. ISH ISH...Gonna look like a gossip girl this winter~ *screams*
-gossip baaa-

No wonder they say I'm an idiot

After four months..FOUR months. No wonder I am known for my blurr-ness. Well, we'll start back in, say, last December. When mom and dad and I were shopping at Vivo City Mall in Singapore before heading to Sentosa Island. Then, as usual, my eyes with the help of superd black rimmed glasses caught the most beautiful word ever written. SALES! And the next most beautiful word "LEVI'S SIGNATURE".

Crap, mom and dad are so dead.

So yea, I got a pair of jeans and a minis! Oh and a couple of polo Tees. Mom and dad got some T-shirts and Yvonne, even not present at the moment, got a pair of jeans and a black T. How will those goodies get to the sister overseas? By another sister going overseas of course. Me! - who is totally clumsy and have the blurrness of a 1960's camera.

And so the things arrived safely, both pair of jeans in my overweight suitcase. And the problem comes in when we are taking out the good stuff. I gave her my size 27 slim fit and got her size 29 regular straight. Then I went on and try my pants. SO LOOSE. Gai...but but but you see, my common sense didn't reach far enough to make me check the label. So, I bought myself a belt instead. Life went on. With a belt

The great enlightenment: When I was doing the laundry a few minutes ago. Then I got confused which is which. AND I looked at the label. So great. Now all I have to do is to tell her I got hers and she got mine. She was actually very happy to have this slim fit one. Her first (or mine) slim fit jeans ever. Great. Way to go Eva, go ruin another day. The Queen's birthday.

total blurred Va

Happy Super Sweet Sixteen, Emmanuel~

Blessed birthday, Emma!!! Missing you heaps~! This is for you, a very Penang Lang post! XD

Woi~ Si hami food photo in your blog! GAI I miss diao Nasi Lemak like pregnant woman mia craving nia. Birthday syok ar? Weeiiii my birthday sure beh syok wan...Winter you know...Somebody saw snow this morning and it's not even winter yet. Last day of Autumn nia...

I want to go home lahhh...Yoi. Oh yea...I really like the pic! Wanted Dead or Alive! HAHA...I prefer Alive lah..abo cannot eat nasi lemak. I got so many things wanna do in Penang till I tink I should write a list liao. Ahbo sure beh ki wan.

AND EMMA!!!! I just ordered a pair of BOOTS! Black one got heels wan AND AND it's THIGH HIGH. HAHAHHA...SO NOT ME RITE!!!!! BUT super nice...LIKE ANTM will have mia thing. HAHahhahahahHAhhaHAhahHAahha... See if my bag got place or not..if got baru bring back let you see and lau nuah over it! HAHAHA~!!!!!

Miss you a lot...wait till I go back we pi shopping canoeing and jalan jalan in pasar malam la...=) Love ya lil bro. Be fab!


That I would be good?

It's four in the morning, there is no school tomorrow, it's the Queen's birthday. Like the Sultan's birthday in Malaysia, like the time when it always bump into mine and while the whole nation celebrate my birthday alongside with the Sultan's, they close up bakeries and force me - who do not have a royal baker in my kitchen - to either live without a birthday cake or to get one the day before my real birthday. So what is new in New Zealand?

It's officially winter, the dawn of 1st of June. First time ever that I get into this blogging mood like the one I soak in back in my apartment days. It's probably the effect of dawn and some random hormones collision. And Stefanie Sun's version of the good old songs. So would I be good in situations that are that messed up? Yes and no. I've seen myself acting like a total tool, and I am not proud of it. But yea, I will be good. Since my bad was ever really that bad. So yea, I will be good, here. No matter how much I miss home.

I heard your voices yesterday. Just over the phone. It feels like we're not that far away. I know what's going on in your lives and most of the who what when and how. It's a beauty. I hope I haven't loose my passion. I think I still feel the clingy warmth and want to be so so nice to everyone. It sparks when I am not too deep into the melancholy thoughts.

I am getting a camera. And I know that most of my photos are monotonous. But I still like pretty things, I still want to snap them and make them into little pictures and keep them in bottles. Maybe I will share it with you. If only you would come close enough.

Not too into it,

-Winter Vava-


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