Thursday, August 14, 2008

the rest of my life

It's confusing isn't it? This life, I mean. You love something so much one minute and you are so darn freaking annoyed by it the next. As if there is not enough stuff to confuse me, it just has to complicate itself by giving everything a good side and a bad side. Come on, how am I supposed to make decisions while bla bla bla can be good and bad in the same time and right and wrong at the same time. Then there are those philosophers. They woud ask you "What colour is this?", you say "White," and they say "What makes you think it is white?", you answer "I don't know, why don't cha try asking the other 50 millions people out there who are not colour blind?" Then they'll ignore your joke and say, "If everyone say it's black, then won't it be black then?". AHhh...That's a trick question. HA! I get it...I get it.

I'm babbling. 'Cause I'm insane. I said till further notice see? HAHA!!! No further notice YET!!! TEEHEE~

-coke addict-

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleepyhead's Blissful Sleep

I went to church for a healing rally yesterday, after a long day at work, not to mention a sleepy one too. Fu could scarcely keep me awake by reminding me know, my crush. And I could barely stay awake. The service was okay, by God's strength and anointing, the pastor spoke with might and his words was strong and loud. Amazing speaker, how can anyone possibly fall asleep in the presence of such a high-spirited speaker and in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit.

Opps, I take back the last part, I mean, of course people can sleep in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. He followed me home and dwell near me while I routinely go online and chatted with some friends. When I became tired I went to the bed, still in my working clothes, I fell asleep. Mom came to switch of the lights, I opened my eyes to look at her but I just couldn't summon my body to sit up and go get cleaned up and all. The sleep just wash me over. Blissfulness, like squashy blankets and fluffy pillows, like songs of nymphs and sirens. Heavenly heavenly bliss.

I woke up at six in the morning, after my little nap and I drag myself to the bathroom, washed my face, the water felt fresh against the grease and sweat that covered me for such long hours. I showered in cold water, without turning the heater on. It was like the fresh streams from the waterfall, truly revitalising every part where the water sweep through. I saw mom who just woke up when I walked to my room, she almost wanted to give me a lecturer over my unhealthy habits but I just smiled blissfully at her.

After putting on some fresh clean clothes, I snuggle back into my still warm bed, between the soft sheets and all fluffy things, and sink into another blissful sleep. Till the sun shined in and I decided it is going to be a beautiful day.



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