Thursday, December 20, 2007

.thank you.

I wanna thank you for you have cheered me up in my time of confusion. Still recalling the time when I turned to walk away, from you, from my brothers and my friend. Somewhat disappointed, someone missing the crowd already and you called me. I turned to see the warmest smile and a hearty "take care" embraced me. It kept me happy for weeks...I would still call you a brother...perhaps it would be enough to even let you stay this way, somewhat awkward and somewhat shy. A little too courteous but otherwise friendly. A brother and a sister in Christ.

I would pray at night first for you, then for all, for the family, for my friends, for school and my daily life. How His grace followed and His love restore my soul, and how your smile followed and make me smile even in the cold. So I wanna thank you, for making my day. And blessing me with the best words in my life.

-white girl-


I've just came back from this year's youth camp. tired. hungry. and lost my voice. Do give me a day break before pouring out kay? ^^ thanks.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

.appreciating sunshine.

this must be the first time i see beauty in the sunshine. or was it you...came knocking on my door last night..such pleasant surprise. it made failure doesn't feel as bad..and mistakes, doesn't bring in regrets. and so I drove, at first cautiously, such difficult beginning, just like us. such harsh beginning. then the smooth sailing, as if moved by the wind, a small ship that swims, my hands on the wheels when the sun shines in.

there was a sweet song, coming through the radio. singing of u. or was that just me, thinking about you. they say all will be better when there is no more expectations. i guess they were right. we had a great time. of light laugher and cheerful night. it was then when i finally arrived, still not wanting to part from the familiar voice. walking into the house i appreciated the sunshine. the living room was warmth and bright. each step showering with the sun light.

every door i open, clean and light. as if i was floating on sweet soft clouds, sink into my eyes. was it the tireness, i embrace, the scent of my room and the sound of the water. everywhere is bright, gentle sweet sunlight. i thought of you. of poesy and of my previous days. the place, the space and the time. no...i didn't expect, so the beauty stays. this warmth friendliness.

could i ever dance or sing or just glance in the sunshine. like good old friends from the past. I appreciate my past, my memories, and above all, i appreciate the sunshine. He made the sunshine. and you made the smile. all alike.

-white girl-

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

.random photos, scattered life.

Thank God It's Friday!

Daddy is going all giddy giddy over TGI Fridays.



Even ah Va is all smiley giddy-ish.

Chicken Cajun salad. huge one indeed.

The good old Jack Daniel, a sizable one too. =D

Look at the salad...I doubt you can call anything of that size a salad.

My all time favourite vanilla and choc chips milkshake. yum*

Is it just me or the ice-cream and cookie is calling your name too?

WOW, okay. I'm sure it's not just me.


Lovin' Mickey D's

wait...It must be just me 'cause Fillet-O-Fish is calling for me too...


College Cell Group

We made Ming Ling pull the candle out with her teeth and....she bit it. @___@


Flee Market Domination

12 bux fake Subcrew cap. lol*

lovie cheap that I can't even remember the price. nyek nyek nyek~

Butterfly earings. 11 bux, it's worth every cent of it. ^^

Shopping Spree In Queensbay

How about a family photo of my victims of the day?

William Wordsworth from Borders - a book worthy of words.

Avalon High by Meg Cabot from Border, to fill the spaces in my Meg Cabot's collection. librarian's mania.

Padini Membership Card - the begining of endless shopping season.

Law of Torts - It's always good to start early p>.

Sparknotes' Twelfth Night - last minute studies when early prep fails. always does.

Speeches That Changed The World - Now you're talkin'

Pinkie lovie dovie is in the air~ *float away in heels*

Guitar & Note necklace from Diva - Rockin' it!


Yep, They're My Mates




The very blurred view of Butterworth from the ferry. That's the 1st time I drove and took the ferry.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

.unacknowledged existent.

this is my final attempt to ease the suffocation. it's not the best timing, having an exam coming tomorrow. i do question the cause, is this a stress that i never had before in exams, or the same old reasons for all heaviness of my heart. as though my ribcage is squeezing my heart. i've missed you...i've missed you.

never, ever, give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about. whatever will happen to the one whom you can't go an hour without missing...every moment he ran out of sight, a heart dropped, disappointment falls and a sense of bitter sweet melancholy dissolve into the air. was that pain? i doubt it can be defined. much emotions and too much thoughts. those had to be overcomed. yet i can't.

your words indicates your knowlegde of the circumstances. or is that just my bad habit, of reading into everything. no...none of those. just my denial, my shield. please, let me protect myself. my last resort. finally like an idiot allow myself to decieve myself. you have not known. you couldn't have.

and thus i could not blame. for my existent is so cheap. ever-ready. taking in any pain, criticism, coldness, and all that you are ready to pour, i am ready to receive. jokes and misidentification. how much did i hate that of Shakespearean comedies. endurance. pathetic of me. to have waited in such faith and hopefulness to be able to absorb any pain at all. no limitations. and finally to break. into pieces and tears.

self denial, Gandhi said, is good for soul. i guess he must have seen beyond it. while the rest of us are still struggling. some gave up, midway, those pain is not worth all those philosophical jargons. some are still headstrong. stupidity, ignorance. how peculiar for us to find serenity in these.

and i will. no matter what the end results will be, endure through. for i adore, and am addicted to you. my existent unacknowledge. but let me be true, and i will too, dissolve till nothingness and endless time is due.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank God It's Saturday! =P

After the cold war, I went to dinner with mom and dad. And guess what, daddy feels like getting a good bite of the good old Jack Daniel. =P *YUM* Here's some pics.

San Francisco - honestly, it looked great but taste like...ENO.T_T

Even the lemon and lime couldn't rescue the taste

Juicy ribs made daddy get all hands-on..muahahaaa~


And so the remains of the poor gu is being dragged away...

The remains of Buffalo wings *licks lips*

Mommy starring into mid-air after a good meal. She's waiting for wonder there's a twinkle in her eyes. *_*

Daddy - probably thinking about the bill right now. No regrets eh, dad XD

I've always thought that light thingy is really cool.


looks like someone trashed the loo before I went in...urgh*

OOO dessert's here!

Nothing beats cookie and ice-cream!

Mom's choco-mocca thingy...mmm~

more next time kay? Ian's yelling at me to go for lunch...ta~




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