Thursday, November 15, 2007

.appreciating sunshine.

this must be the first time i see beauty in the sunshine. or was it you...came knocking on my door last night..such pleasant surprise. it made failure doesn't feel as bad..and mistakes, doesn't bring in regrets. and so I drove, at first cautiously, such difficult beginning, just like us. such harsh beginning. then the smooth sailing, as if moved by the wind, a small ship that swims, my hands on the wheels when the sun shines in.

there was a sweet song, coming through the radio. singing of u. or was that just me, thinking about you. they say all will be better when there is no more expectations. i guess they were right. we had a great time. of light laugher and cheerful night. it was then when i finally arrived, still not wanting to part from the familiar voice. walking into the house i appreciated the sunshine. the living room was warmth and bright. each step showering with the sun light.

every door i open, clean and light. as if i was floating on sweet soft clouds, sink into my eyes. was it the tireness, i embrace, the scent of my room and the sound of the water. everywhere is bright, gentle sweet sunlight. i thought of you. of poesy and of my previous days. the place, the space and the time. no...i didn't expect, so the beauty stays. this warmth friendliness.

could i ever dance or sing or just glance in the sunshine. like good old friends from the past. I appreciate my past, my memories, and above all, i appreciate the sunshine. He made the sunshine. and you made the smile. all alike.

-white girl-

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