Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dress-Up Soiree

One of the many things that stop me from constantly updating my blog last week is actually one of the most blog-worthy event in this year. Well, blog-worthy for my blog anyway. Since the great America is too far away, I am deprived of the opportunities to attend flashy nice intimate little blogger meet-ups by Independent Fashion Bloggers, Weardrobe, Chictopia etc. BUT, since I am involved in Student Life in uni, and we do have a wonderful group of ladies and a tradition of having a big girlie event every year, we made a list, of all the possible things we can do. Chocolate fountain and tea party won all our squeals.

The Dress-Up Soiree happened last friday in Olivia's newly painted lounge. We had wonderful food (especially the scones!), tea, coffee, hot chocolate and amazing ladies. Thank God for it being a girls only event, we ate (almost) shamelessly. If it wasn't for the fact that I was wearing my $250 leather jacket, I think there is a possibility of me trying to dive into the fountain.

Anyhow, I brought my camera and shot away! The pictures came out beautifully and we did a photobooth session which was then made into a video by yours truly. Hope these will be sufficient to keep you coming back to my blog for a while as I will be having my midterms over the week. :P

Yummy food and gorgeous setting - I did the decor!
Keren and Ema during the blanket game

Teacup, pebbles and candles
Hottie Johanna
After getting ready in Olivia's room. ;)

What I wore: Glassons floral sweetheart dress, Glassons lace tights, Perpetual Princess Bird in Necklace, Dream shoes from Overland, Viparo leather jacket (not in picture).

Top (left to right): Bo Young, Olivia, Jacinda and Nicola.
Bottom(left to right): Quyen, Rebecca, Ning and me.

The Dress-Up Soiree Photobooth from Eva Leong on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Amazing Elinkan

Introducing the amazingly beautiful Elinkan from Sweden. If there is one girl with such gorgeous feature and wonderful sense of style, it must be her. Check out her blog here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What happened to you?

I have to say I am so bad at time management because I procrastinate a lot. But I am working on it and I am sure I will make a point to set time aside for actually writing some nice long posts instead of the picture and two line of words thing that I kept doing recently.

So what happened to me since the last time(around a week ago...the last one was kind of a scheduled post so it doesn't count) I posted something? I slept for less than two hours on 3 consecutive days. I guess you might be curious why would I do something so cruel to myself so I am going to tell you. I had an essay due on Friday. An essay which required a reading done beforehand, and the reading was hmm....not very short. I did hand in the essay on time and enjoyed most of time when I was writing it while feeling all academic and smart.

Other than that, I thrifted this $1 velvet-like jumper (originally from Marks and Spencer) from the hospice store in the student union building before they close down (sad face).

Oh and I tried to wear a tee, pencil skirt and cardigan combo like Alexa Chung, but ended up going more indie than brit.

So here are some lazily-done-but-adequate outfit shots for you to enjoy before I whip up another favourite collection collage. :)

Perpetual Princess Bird-In-A-Necklace
Thrifted jumper originally from Marks and Spencer
Tweed shorts from Esprit
Black tights
Emu Ugg boots bought on sale last year

Oh-so-indie straw hat from Andrea's vintage sale #2
Mom's multicoloured scarf - Esprit
Dusty Blue Cardigan from Gap
Wendy's t-shirt
Black Pencil Skirt from Glassons
Vintage brown belt
Black tights
Vintage buckled shoes

Monday, May 17, 2010

Remember Me

Honestly, this outfit happened last Thursday, before I saw Whit's collection last night. It is just that I haven't got around to edit the series of photo to put them on my good ol' blog. It does resemble the first photo a lot. And I love how sometimes we just hop on the right trend/ensemble. Serendipity never fail to amaze me. My first wow moment happened years ago when I first started shopping for my own clothes - which was a long time ago. Pam and I decided that I simply had to buy that grey shirt dress (as seen in a few post back). It appeared in Cleo Magazine a month after I bought it. I think I still have that issue of Cleo lying around in my bookshelf in Malaysia. :D Feel free to post a link to your blog for some Eureka! moment of yours.

Oh and my new (dream?) shoes. :D $159 worth it or not?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Grown-Up Hipster

The awesome collecion by Whitney Pozgay, niece of Kate Spade. Chic, no? I reckon we savvy ladies can duplicate the looks easily with existing pieces in our closets.

So don't just sit back and enjoy the view, remix your closet and get the girlish dandy cross tomboyish style. Wink wink.

Photos from here.

P/s: I am so sorry for the lack of consistent posts... I have been so busy. :(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was so very excited I could not walk!

Yes that was what I said to Rebecca when I found out that Andrea from A Cat of Impossible Colour is having yet another vintage sale! Olivia was totally sad when she saw me in my 5 dollar point zero dress I got from Andrea's the other day so I told her I am 99% sure that with a wardrobe that size, Andrea will definitely do another sale before she moves! The delightful email arrived in my mailbox during my two hour Land Law class. HAHA. I could barely walk straight after class. I think the bounce in my steps were quite obvious.

Anyway, this is something I found from Andrea's blog and I decide that I will do it.

Three ways to rob a bank
1. Manipulate the bank manager to do it with you and split the profit.
2. Wear Rayban Wayfarers, get a drink, eat a sandwich, walk up to the counter with a gun in your jacket pocket and hand Zooey Deschanel a bag and a note of instruction then do the Bank Dance with her.
3. Find a bank beside a defective building and break in via the adjoining wall. I remember reading that in a case in Torts.

Three nasty habits I had as a child
1. Torture snails with salt.
2. Bully my maids.
3. Sleep till the last minute so mom has to fish me off from my bed, dress me, tie my hair, feed me breakfast and bring me to school because I would always, always miss the bus.

Three words that I hate
1. Churr.
2. Hot - in the context where Paris Hilton says it when she is too blonde to think of a better adjective.
3. necessity - because I always put in an extra C.

Three ways to leave your lover
1. Quietly.
2. Leave the country.
3. Make a scene.

Three things I can't be mature about
1. Kissing scenes in movies.
2. Ghost stories.
3. Socks stealing.

This is not a proper outfit shot but I really love this photo sans the facial expression. It was taken weeks ago in Pulse when Euving, Justin and I were on a panel talking about relationship. :)

What I wore: Grey P & Co. Shirt dress, Gap Basic Black Cardigan.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby whatchu gotta do

Listening to: She and Him - I was made for you.

I have been playing She and Him on a loop since I first got my hands on them. It seems that not many girls that like dresses and old things can escape from the charm of She and Him. I play their songs when I woke up in the morning, when I was taking my shower, when I was biking to uni, when I am taking outfit shots, when I am blog surfing, and till I fall asleep.

As I promised, here is the four dollar plaid shirt! - along with the velvet bubble skirt I got cheap off Trademe and one of my latest guilt buys wool jacket. I love this outfit. Velvet had appeared on so many runway shows that it is impossible to ignore. If I can get out of this laze trance, I will do a velvet on runway post. Maybe. Hehe.

Outfit aside, I made myself some salad this afternoon to get some vitamins into my system. No thanks to tests and the major allergy break out days before that, I have been walking around all corpse like with no make up because my skin look awful from the lack of sleep and the doctor told me not to put anything on my lips for a while. :(

Outfit: $4 plaid shirt, velvet skirt, Dotti wool coat, buckle shoes - they are sooo good that they became my uni shoes.

Ingredients: Cucumber, mushrooms, sweet corn, homemade croutons, Ceasar dressing.

There is no more heat in the breeze

Summer is long gone but the actual effect of autumn just came in last week. The heat in the wind and the sun that warms up the cold had officially departed from the way down south. My horrible tests are finally over and I can finally enjoy the doughnuts Yvonne got from Auckland!

Since we don't have any doughnut chains in Christchurch Yvonne is always excited to get them whenever she goes to the North Island. She escaped my warzone last week by going to see John Mayer's concert. I kind of escaped by buying lots of stuff (and selling lots of my old stuff). It was as if I had a closet upheaval. I woke up yesterday and was just shocked. Literally shocked, in fear, because my shopaholicism had come to a stage that I am capable to haul out my closet and replace them with something else. I can barely recognise some pieces of clothing that I brought from Malaysia with me a couple of years ago. They are the brave ones that survived my constant clothes trading.

So I guess I am going to stop brutally shopping. Like what my friend Rex suggested, it is impossible to stop completely but I can shop less. I can. :)

I guess I will do more remix outfits from today onwards then!

In the shots: Buckle shoes, black tights, vintage nautical dress, vintage cream jumper, Dunkin Donuts.


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