Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby whatchu gotta do

Listening to: She and Him - I was made for you.

I have been playing She and Him on a loop since I first got my hands on them. It seems that not many girls that like dresses and old things can escape from the charm of She and Him. I play their songs when I woke up in the morning, when I was taking my shower, when I was biking to uni, when I am taking outfit shots, when I am blog surfing, and till I fall asleep.

As I promised, here is the four dollar plaid shirt! - along with the velvet bubble skirt I got cheap off Trademe and one of my latest guilt buys wool jacket. I love this outfit. Velvet had appeared on so many runway shows that it is impossible to ignore. If I can get out of this laze trance, I will do a velvet on runway post. Maybe. Hehe.

Outfit aside, I made myself some salad this afternoon to get some vitamins into my system. No thanks to tests and the major allergy break out days before that, I have been walking around all corpse like with no make up because my skin look awful from the lack of sleep and the doctor told me not to put anything on my lips for a while. :(

Outfit: $4 plaid shirt, velvet skirt, Dotti wool coat, buckle shoes - they are sooo good that they became my uni shoes.

Ingredients: Cucumber, mushrooms, sweet corn, homemade croutons, Ceasar dressing.


bmach said...

cute photos!


Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I think you look great! But I know how you feel. I suffer from allergies too.

delilah said...

cute shirt! definite bargain!

Whispering Swallow said...

Even with allergies, you still look beautiful! I absolutely love that plaid shirt and your buckle shoes are pretty much amazing.

xoxo Kayla
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