Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was so very excited I could not walk!

Yes that was what I said to Rebecca when I found out that Andrea from A Cat of Impossible Colour is having yet another vintage sale! Olivia was totally sad when she saw me in my 5 dollar point zero dress I got from Andrea's the other day so I told her I am 99% sure that with a wardrobe that size, Andrea will definitely do another sale before she moves! The delightful email arrived in my mailbox during my two hour Land Law class. HAHA. I could barely walk straight after class. I think the bounce in my steps were quite obvious.

Anyway, this is something I found from Andrea's blog and I decide that I will do it.

Three ways to rob a bank
1. Manipulate the bank manager to do it with you and split the profit.
2. Wear Rayban Wayfarers, get a drink, eat a sandwich, walk up to the counter with a gun in your jacket pocket and hand Zooey Deschanel a bag and a note of instruction then do the Bank Dance with her.
3. Find a bank beside a defective building and break in via the adjoining wall. I remember reading that in a case in Torts.

Three nasty habits I had as a child
1. Torture snails with salt.
2. Bully my maids.
3. Sleep till the last minute so mom has to fish me off from my bed, dress me, tie my hair, feed me breakfast and bring me to school because I would always, always miss the bus.

Three words that I hate
1. Churr.
2. Hot - in the context where Paris Hilton says it when she is too blonde to think of a better adjective.
3. necessity - because I always put in an extra C.

Three ways to leave your lover
1. Quietly.
2. Leave the country.
3. Make a scene.

Three things I can't be mature about
1. Kissing scenes in movies.
2. Ghost stories.
3. Socks stealing.

This is not a proper outfit shot but I really love this photo sans the facial expression. It was taken weeks ago in Pulse when Euving, Justin and I were on a panel talking about relationship. :)

What I wore: Grey P & Co. Shirt dress, Gap Basic Black Cardigan.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay! Glad you're excited. Am looking forward to meeting Olivia.

And this questionnaire is awesome, isn't it? Ally is hilarious.

Helga! said...

Yay,I'll get to meet you there!I'm also excited!!


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