Monday, May 17, 2010

Remember Me

Honestly, this outfit happened last Thursday, before I saw Whit's collection last night. It is just that I haven't got around to edit the series of photo to put them on my good ol' blog. It does resemble the first photo a lot. And I love how sometimes we just hop on the right trend/ensemble. Serendipity never fail to amaze me. My first wow moment happened years ago when I first started shopping for my own clothes - which was a long time ago. Pam and I decided that I simply had to buy that grey shirt dress (as seen in a few post back). It appeared in Cleo Magazine a month after I bought it. I think I still have that issue of Cleo lying around in my bookshelf in Malaysia. :D Feel free to post a link to your blog for some Eureka! moment of yours.

Oh and my new (dream?) shoes. :D $159 worth it or not?


Anonymous said...

funny how that happens right?
a very long,long time ago i was in the cinema with my girlfriends watching Rob Schneider's 'Hot Chick' when I saw a very familiar necklace worn by Rachel McAdams!yep, I have the exact same necklace that she wore in the movie and somewhat felt gooood :) xoxo

here's a pic of the necklace, i cant find a pic of me wearing the same necklace, i need to find my external hard drive first but will post it on my blog once I found them, so come and follow me :)

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love these shots! Especially the last with the book.

hannah said...

aren't you adorable! floral and stripes isn't easy to pull off together :-)
i found some similar boots by keds recently, you should see if you like them, they are sorta desert boots but less fancy and cheaper...just a thought!


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