Friday, December 19, 2008

Meet the real people

Hello, nice to meet you, I am a genuine version of Leong Eva, I swear (it's just an expression, swearing is NOT polite at all) to tell the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth.

Anyway, nice to meet you. You know, real people are actually kind of hard to find today. Real, meaning people who don't scheme, spy on you and you know be just plain fake around you. Since I am not old enough to be in the history, and obviously not fortunate enough in meeting people, I don't think I know more than a handful of real people with a TradeMark branding or a Copyright branding that comes along with them. The rest from the handful are as good as the things you have in your house with a tag of "made in China" things, which generally mean the chance of them being a fabricated good is around 80 - 90 %.

Well, let me introduce you to the first guy, I think most people will recognise if I would only describe, he is usually painted on stained glass windows in chapels, wears a pair of sandal and comes with long hair and a well-groomed beard. None other than Mr. Jesus Christ. We will skip the arguement of people who thinks he does not exist and go on with him being a living person with a genuine personality. I would say he is a genuine person mainly because we do not see people who come to you and skip saying "nice meeting you" and exchange it with "Do not be fearful." Certainly he is straight forward enough. Plus, Jesus didn't go like, "Um Peter, you know, you said that I shouldn't wash your feet. Um, I think um, you know, I should, but anyway, you know I love you right. But I think the good old Devil is just trying, of course I'm not blaming you..." Jesus is my personal idol the moment he shot "Devil, get thee behind me." How cool is that. I mean, if I ever say that with a serious face when somebody is blocking my way to church, they would think I'm a moron and beat me up. I like the way he deal with things, with a clean take it or leave it way. Now that is what I call, "with love, from Jesus."

The next one, I would like to give the honour of accepting this real person reward is none other than Mr. Alex Lim. Alex, if you are reading this, seriously, do not syok sendiri. Haha. 70% of the people I know thinks he's a freak, another 20% thinks he is gay and I think he is a genius and a darn good friend to keep for life. If you know this guy, you'll know that it is impossible for a person to fake what he does, simply because, one, he yells at people quoting from Shakespeare, two, he bakes apple crumble in class with his own oven because it helps him to deal with stress, and he keeps the rubber bands that he used to tie up the plastic bags because he happens to be a tree hugger. And he doesnt date simply because he hasn't meet that someone special. He holds the best example of someone who thinks so why should I care about what people say about me, I am the real thing, babe. Way to go, Alex. You rock my socks.

Francis probably qualify too. His ways can be totally unacceptable at times but the one thing I can be sure is that nobody can force him to fake anything without his consent. I know this fella since I am five and I do not think he has in anyway schemed, gossiped or act unlike himself in front of anyone or in any circumstances. So he hates almost half the things that people agree with, big deal, that's who he is. Even though sometimes it seems totally unreasonable, that's the thing about people who are real, they might change their view one day, but until they do, they would just keep it that way. It is really cool having a friend like that. And I plan to keep it that way too, if you don't mind.

For those who did not make it to the chart, being real ain't easy, you can choose to do it, try doing it or not bother at all. And I am sure you do rock somebody's world, being whatever you are now, REAL-ly.

with love,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eva's guide to Friendship

Ello all, I've been hiding from blogging since my DAD went online and read my blog and gave me a lecture about it. Anyhow, my blogging cells are bubbling up so here's something for you reader. First of all, this is supposed to be an open journal of mine. By "journal" I mean diary, as in PERSONAL diary. It is written to express myself simply because I am a super genius and things that runs in my head can kill me if I don't output it right. And don't judge me on stuff I write or say or post, because, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE READING THIS ANYWAY, BUSYBODIES.

See? Get what I mean when I say things in my brain can kill me. Healthy output blogging is.

Tadaa. After my fair share of bad friendship with people with personality that would stink the whole Penang Island if personality have a smell, I decided to write this blog. It is neither scientifically proved, advised by professionals, shown in certified reports nor biblical. Follow it if you want but I am not responsible for the outcome and you may clap, scream, yell, laugh, curse happily if you think any of these hit the spot. Thank you.

Tips on people stuff.

Acknowledge that you do not need friends, and you are comfortable being alone and most importantly, being yourself. Life is beautiful as it is and friends (good ones) only here to compliment it. You will not die or in anyway suffer misery if you are lack of them.

Make more acquaintances as friends comes from acquaintances. Knowing more people means you have more prospects for friends. Give yourself time to know them and stop at the level of acquaintance if you ever find them as unsuitable friends material.

Don't ever assume people are faking it around you. Yes people do that sometimes but can't you just think the best of people around you?! Anyway, only people who fakes it often will ALWAYS think other people are faking it also. So when you ask someone how is he/she doing, take his/her answer as it is and swallow down your inner cry of wanting to say "don't fake it darling." Lol, because, come on, you are the one with the problem.

Accept compliments gracefully, if your parents had been incapable of teaching you how to thank people when people praise you OR you have been temporary deaf when you parents did, let me have the honour of reminding you to say a hearty thank you when people say nice things about you. By "hearty", it means say it with your heart, not saying thank you and having an inner war of how to accept it.

Say sorry ONLY WHEN YOU MEAN IT. And its best that situations when apologies is need to be avoid. NOT generated. And sorry means you sincerely feel inapropriate to have did that something and you admit that it is wrongfully done even if it is for a better cause, emphasizing on the wrongfully done part. NOT the "I said it out of love part." It suck to the max when you say you did it out of love and all other people see if disrespect.

um this is supposed to be longer but most my blog posts doesn't really turn out 100% the way I want them to anyway. I find better pleasure in chatting with my sis now, so more later, if I still feel like it. Ciao ciao, nosy peekers.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All in all

Wonders isn't it. It must have been months since I really wanted to leave. Why do I wanted to leave anyway? I don't think anyone would wanna leave if it would involve some slamming doors, angry faces and a couple of months full of stress and complaints. So I don't really like the people around me. So I want to leave this mess once in a while.

What makes anyone think reminding you of what your life away from home is gonna be like is gonna help to cushion the punch? And your responsibilities and every history of bad clashes resulting from your different personality from your sister who is gonna be your room mate for the next three years. Yes, I have my fears, and nothing is making anything better. So I am trying to cope with leaving, my friends, my home, my family, the neighbourhood that I hardly know anyone, and the college that I hated and complained about every freakin' bad day. But how could anyone think it's not hard on me.

Scary isn't it, to even think that your friends are gonna move on with or without you, probably some other girl who are not even similar to you is gonna take your place,wherever you have been. So it doesn't last. Big deal, but why would anyone think it would make it any easier on me.

So I wanna take a month break from my job, from pleasing my parents, from whatever mess I've been through. Yes I'm leaving, I'm leaving, I'm leaving it's true. It has happened before, nobody notice then, and probably nobody will notice this time too. Yes, it involves some tears, some yelling screaming, some lonely times. Nothing has made me think that this time is not gonna be the same.

Please please give me a break. I just need to make through my day.



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