Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lest we forget

I launched head first into my books around the time we had Anzac day. It was the end of last week. I have been dying to want to go to Two Squirrels vintage for weeks but talked myself out of it. Then, I stop going to malls and shops and thrift stores. The reasons for all the above, midsectionals. Every law student's third worse nightmare (after law essays and law finals). Unfortunately, mine was lined up 3 in a roll, back to back. But I have to say, it is not as hard as last year's exams. Either it's me not trying hard enough, or my new plan of energy sustainability is working.

Eva's Energy Sustainability Agenda
- Caffiene (the neccesarry evil)
- Midnight snacks (to sustain blood sugar level all night)
- warm ugly clothes for night (so it won't break your heart when you rip a new pair of tights and end up sulking instead of studying.)
- pretty cheerful clothes for day (like powersuits of the 80's & 90's, they work!)

what I wore:

Mango t-shirt, thrifted skirt, belt and shoes, Just jeans scarf. sleepy eyes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who Wears The Pants?

Thanks to the screening of Coco Avant Chanel last year, us girls recognise the importance of practical clothing again, especially pants. A garment that is much more practical than tights, leggings and skirts if you are a busy girl who has to hustle hustle in your daily activities. Or you ride a bike. Like me. So I have decided to have a Pants-off competition, between the guys and the ladies from several stylish points of the world.

Take a look at these stylish pantsters and vote in the poll.

Photos from: The Sartorialist, Style Clicker, Stockholm Street Style, Face Hunter, Altamira

Finders Keepers

Okay, first thing first, outfit shot! This is what I wore for a meet-up/catch-up with the girls. It i kind of a grab and run outfit though. It was soooo hard to wake up early today but I did not regret staying up late last night though. At least I got some work done. We talked about life values and things that affect them, which was really interesting. It was fun having a deep and intimate conversation with the girls. And our conclusion was to keep our eyes on the prizeee! That pretty much sums up my morning. A meaningful morning. :)

Glassons studded jumper
Pinstripe puffy skirt with pockets
Brown brogue
The good old Bird In Necklace from Perpetual Princess

Now, let me introduce you to Mr. New Old Shirt. I first ran into this shirt a couple of weeks ago and decided that I have already got a Zara shirt and can forgo this one without flinching. Then it just sat quietly in the hospice store, undisturbed for 2 weeks. I gave in to temptation this morning. After all it was really cheap! And for charity!

It is a size 8 but a bigger fit, I reckon it will go beautifully with a skirt or shorts or even tapered pants. So look out, it will make its debut in my outfit shots soon enough. :D


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh yes, I am almost broke from my recent shopping spree(s). So, instead of continuous "taking", I am "giving back". I did a wardrobe clean up and packed up some lovelies that either did not fit me or those that I don't have time to alter/hem and put them up for sale! Everything is listed for no more than NZ$20. And thanks to the new Pay Now feature, I can take credit card payments! :D Please drop by if you have time. I will keep updating for these few weeks. Cheerios!

Just click on the picture and it should take you to my Trademe listings! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I don't mean to whine but I kind of have to let it all out. My lips are flaring up! I am not sure what trigger it though. But it is excruciating! It all started a week ago and I thought that dry chapped lips are just from the change of season or something. Then they started turning purplish-black last night, from inner bleeding I expect. They were all dried, hard, flaky, itchy and burnt. So I asked a friend who is studying medics in Russia and he told me to keep it moisturised. I raided my skin care section and found nothing useful because I want to avoid anything that might possibly worsen it, if it was possible at that point to be worse. What I ended up with was avocado oil.

Weird but yes. It reminded me of the time that I had this whole skin writing thing going and dad couldn't find rice wine and had me using some of his collection liquor instead. The smell of alcohol in my room made me all drunk but did not help a bit with the itch. Avocado oil were good for the first couple of hours then my lips started flaking off again.

When I sat down at the desk just now I had to brush off some brown-ish crumbs-like things off the keyboard, only to discover that those are my dead skin which feel from my lips. I must have been in so much agony that I didn't realise! But again EW. I gave up orange juice when I was in fourth form in high school because I drank juice from a cup when I had my first allergy reaction back then. Trust me, it was as much torture as those stories we heard about war victims in the Second World War.

Sorry about the gory details. I just really needed to write them down.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Links à la Mode: When I was a little bit younger...

I used to dance. I was way more cheerful than now. I love my brother and sister and mother and father. My dad liked to buy me dresses and pretty shoes. My mother would sing to me. My cousins would bully me a little. I would run around with a ponytail swinging behind me. I would bounce when I walk. I am a little old-fashioned and romantic. I guess. That would explain the frequent reminiscence of my past. :)

Lace Top - Perpetual Princess
Floral Skirt - Some boutique
Holey Tights - Glassons
Studded flats - Vincci
Bird in Necklace - Perpetual Princess
Brown Belt - Thrifted

Link out to Much Love

links a la mode

Fashion is Booming

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily
Style cares not about the economy, so we continue on, falling in love with a fabulous pairs of shoes, lbd, and the perfect little cardie. New boutiques, designers, ideas, and innovative, avant garde concepts continue to emerge, and we can't help but start a new love story with our latest DIY project, amazing vintage find, department store score, or simply a fabulous floral umbrella. And so, as the title suggests, fashion is booming, creativity is soaring, and we can take a big exhale and shove our worries aside - it's time to allow ourselves to get excited about wearing some new or all-time favorite spring-weather garments and accessories.

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

[Note from Jennine] Oh, and if you're looking for something to do this summer... IFB is looking for interns!

Links à la Mode : April 15th

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buy This Dress!

Alrighty! This dress is officially up for sale!



Stay Comfortable And Chic In Casual Dresses : Perpetual Princess Designer Series

When you want to feel casual, but remain very girly, casual dresses are always a great option. Casual dresses allow you to stay very feminine but also laid back and cool. If you are looking for a way to look good while remain very comfortable, these are the best dresses to wear. You will love the way that you feel in something casual, but like how you still remain very composed and stylish as well.This Blue Rabbit dress is made out of soft cotton so you will find that it is very lightweight and comfortable. The print of this dress resembles Miu Miu's 2010 Spring/Summer collection so much! I bought one for myself to keep :)

Don’t miss out, buy one today!

Available @

Euro 36, UK size 8
Euro 38, UK size 10
Euro 40, UK size 12

Price: US$44 OR NZ$60 (Not including shipping & handling)

Payable through credit card and NZ bank deposite.

Email me @ with the title: "Blue Rabbit Dress" for purchase.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Buy A Dress

Okay this is a bit random but Perpetual Princess just launched their first ever designer series of pretties and I am thinking about getting them to sell it in New Zealand (and I am figuring out how to sell it international as well). Perpetual Princess is a local label in Malaysia owned by a friend of mine (or my brother's to be exact). We had been trying to get the stocks to sell them overseas on our last trip back in the summer. Here's a little peek-a-boo at the new line!

Let me know if you like what you see. It will be very helpful for me to know if I should go ahead with the plan. :)

The print of this dress is very Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2010, no? I love the cut out part of the back and the button up skirt part!

On the street: Vintage

Since I started buying vintage clothing last year my biggest concerns were how to wear them without looking like the weird cat lady. I think that is what most of us would think about a lot. As in how do we make vintage wearable and blend in but still remain distinguishably chic.

These ladies seem to be doing a good job so I put them in as a reference to share with you guys. :)

P/s: I'd really like to do a giveaway soon but the traffic in this blog is disappointingly low. So if you like my blog, please follow it. You can do it via Google, Bloglovin' or Facebook. Will do the giveaway when we reach 100 followers! :D

Source: Stockholm Street Style, Street Peeper, Drop Tokyo, The Style Scout.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The lights went wrong

I took this after having lunch at Bec's. In Bec's arms is Shiloh, her 16 weeks old kitten. The lights wasn't that corporative, I tried my best to edit the photo and this is my best try so far. Oh well, Becs still look totally beautiful. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catch Phrase

I was introduced to this awesome game last year by my fellow Studen Lifers in uni. So there is this thing that comes out with random words which can be set to come out with words under specific categories. The catch is, it beeps, and it beeps faster and faster as time runs out. You are supposed to describe the word for your team mates to guess and pass it to the next person when they got the right answer. You lose if it stop beeping when it is in your hands.

We played it at Caleb's flat last year and it went something like that:

Someone: It's the brand of a car, a very American car.
Someone else: FORD FORD FORD.]
Someone: Nonono! Okay scratch that. It's a horse a very fast horse!!

The answer was mustang.

Vintage Rampage

Oniomania (from Greek onios = "for sale," mania = insanity[1]), often colloquially referred to as shopaholic,[2] is a medical term for the compulsive desire to shop. Oniomania is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping, compulsive buying, shopping addiction or shopaholism.

Dress - Vintage from Andrea
Bag - MNG
Shoes - Thrifted vintage
Belt - Classy Two Timers

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vogue UK | Class of 2006 | Paolo Roversi

If my yearbook were like this, I would believe that I have died and gone to heaven. This has to be my favourite editorial for a while (a long long while). I know it had been quite some time since it was published. Back when I talk about fashion so fervently and not very much an OCD vintage person. But that's the thing about vintage, they won't get old, they are already old. In a good way. So applause to Paolo Roversi, for exquisite photos.

Source: here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bank Dance

I am such a big fan of (500) Days Of Summer. It all happened when I watch it on my 10 hours flight back to Malaysia last summer. I figured I paid a fortune for that ticket so why not make the most out of it by watching heaps of movies that if I watch them some other time I might have to pay for it, i.e. rent it, buy it or worse, watch it in the cinema. I am not a super stingy person, to be frank.

Anyho, back to the point. Zooey Deschanel is just such a charmer, in a very cruel way. But I loved it. I want every outfit of the movie in my closet and I am still working towards it. And as a typical OCD, sometimes I just want to learn to dance like that and do whatever things that they do.

So, check out this video, it is somewhat awkwardly vintage in a way. Like how watching Sugartown's mtv gives me chills.

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses.

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

Trackback: The Clothes Horse

This song makes me feel all excited because I have not been a big fan of contact lenses. I am so glad glasses kind of made a come back! I really should go get a pair of new prescription glasses and look all geeky again. Oh and capture the world! Whee~

B-) Eva @ Eve's Eden

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Girl With Glasses

I am very proud of myself today plainly because I woke up early. I had been wrestling with the idea of going to Andrea's vintage sales this morning. Since I did kind of spent a fortune on a fur coat and a wool cardi just a couple of days ago, I should probably freeze my credit card AND my eftpos card like Isla Fisher in Confessions of A Shopaholic. Then I did kind of locked myself up and ended up op-shopping (and NOT op-shopping) and bought a pair of woollen gloves, a vintage waist belt and two pairs of pattern tights. Arghh!!!! What have I done?!

Then again, who can resist the chance of shopping the wardrobe of a vintage blogger who has the most impressive pieces in Christchurch WHEN IT'S ON SALE! Seriously, nothing was over $50!

So what happened was that I brought $25 dollars with me. Yes, $25 dollars. I started to feel like hitting my head against the wall 5 minutes after stepping into Andrea's garden. The dresses were my size and wool coats were $30. I contemplated and weighed all the pros and cons and grabbed two items that fits into my teeny weeny budget range.

There were so many things that happened simultaniously in that 2 hours sale. And among them, I met amazing ladies who love vintage clothing (and a fellow classmate)! Brodie was so very kind and offered me a ride back to uni after that.

Anyhow, I am satisfied with the things I got and here is one that I just can't wait to show you guys!

Vintage 70's Crochet Cape from Andrea's!
Worn with:
Levi's limited edition skinny jeans
Glasson's black cardi underneath
Vintage brown belt from Classy Two Timers
Brown brogues
Vintage satchel

Row Row Row Your Boat...

...Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

I have been out vintage shopping/ thrifting a lot. Voluntarily and involuntarily. Involuntarily because I locked myself out yesterday and had nothing to do so temptation took over. God help me! But then again, all I got was a $5 dollar belt (as seen in picture) and $2 woollen gloves. So it's not that bad. I guess. Oh wait, and those new tights. Okay, maybe it is bad.

Dress - Vintage
Necklace - Perpetual Princess
Belt - Vintage
Bag - Thrifted
Tights - Glassons
Clogs - Thrifted

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Hunt

If you are my friend from Facebook, you would know that I planned a vintage hunt trip for the girls during this Easter holiday. I have been cruising through the days as if I am on vacation - which I shouldn't be doing - so it took me a few days to edit and finally upload the pretty pictures we took along the way.

I had always wanted to go sniff around in Christchurch city centre since last year but the only time I could actually go roam around the streets were Sunday afternoons after church ends when all the shops are closed - sad face. But our university's weekly magazine ('Canta') published a feature on vintage shopping just a few weeks ago and listed some of the most amazing shops and I was just so tempted to go. So after gaining a year of experience bus-ing and reading actual maps and finding the right addresses, I gathered a group of ladies and we head off for an adventure.

2nd Edition - not really a vintage store but it is a secondhand bookstore in the city where we passed by. Special thanks to Esther for showing us this beautiful little hidden shop in the alley. The owner is a chic lady with great concepts and really modest when it comes to compliments. Her shop is just gorgeous and stocked with art and wonderful books. I love how it is not overwhelmingly big and the place smelled nice, unlike most old secondhand bookstores on the main streets.

The owner gave me a slip of paper with her shop details when I bought Sophie Kinsella's 'Remember Me' ($6!). It says "2nd Edition Art & Quality pre-loved books (bought and sold) 22 Poplar Street Christchurch City Centre 03 379 3501". So here you go, if you are in Christchurch and is planning a vintage shopping trip, take a detour to this little shop, I'm sure you'll adore it!

Etcetera - it was featured in 'Canta' magazine. This the the first shop that we went into on the trip. It was not exactly what I imagine it would be but definitely a good starting point for the trip. Etcetera smelled like coffee (because they sell coffee at the corner of the store) and is filled with militaria antiques from the Second World War. I could not help but stare at the military jackets and the stained flag in awe. Then there was some impressive pieces like this old Hollywood styled dress. It was as if I just walked into Catherine Zeta-Jones' "Chicago" wardrobe. Gasp!

The ladies took a picture with the hat collections in Etcetera. I love Rebecca's hat!

Above: This is my favourite alley way in the city, where they hang vintage bicycles on the walls. I accidentally walked into this back-lane last year and took a few pictures of it and thought that it would be cool if I can show it to somebody, and I finally did! :) And we found the car that was up on the walls opposite this one. Yes, a VW mini cooper.

Above: Tête-à-tête on Hereford Street, our last stop of the day. The owner is a darling lady who has good taste on vintage things. I bought the most beautiful little wool cardigan I have ever seen here! It fitted so well! It was a 100% wool (warmth!) cream coloured knitted cropped cardi with metal buttons. Just typing the description of it gives my shopaholic heart a jolt!

Other than that, we went to Lin's at (71, Kilmore Street) for Dim Sum lunch. It was amazing! All the girls were satisfied and happy when we left. Yummy custard desserts~

And I leave the best for the last, Gertie's Vintage Clothing on High Street was epic! They had lovely coats hanging on the racks and gloves in a vintage briefcase! I found the tiniest fur jacket that no kiwis would fit (Yooyah Asian Size!) and I am just thankful that people from 10 20 years ago are 2 sizes smaller than the modern homo sapiens. Some pieces are over-priced though I would say, but Gertie's do have the most amazing collection of vintage clothing I've ever seen so far.

featured in this post: Esther from 凹凸.


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