Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I don't mean to whine but I kind of have to let it all out. My lips are flaring up! I am not sure what trigger it though. But it is excruciating! It all started a week ago and I thought that dry chapped lips are just from the change of season or something. Then they started turning purplish-black last night, from inner bleeding I expect. They were all dried, hard, flaky, itchy and burnt. So I asked a friend who is studying medics in Russia and he told me to keep it moisturised. I raided my skin care section and found nothing useful because I want to avoid anything that might possibly worsen it, if it was possible at that point to be worse. What I ended up with was avocado oil.

Weird but yes. It reminded me of the time that I had this whole skin writing thing going and dad couldn't find rice wine and had me using some of his collection liquor instead. The smell of alcohol in my room made me all drunk but did not help a bit with the itch. Avocado oil were good for the first couple of hours then my lips started flaking off again.

When I sat down at the desk just now I had to brush off some brown-ish crumbs-like things off the keyboard, only to discover that those are my dead skin which feel from my lips. I must have been in so much agony that I didn't realise! But again EW. I gave up orange juice when I was in fourth form in high school because I drank juice from a cup when I had my first allergy reaction back then. Trust me, it was as much torture as those stories we heard about war victims in the Second World War.

Sorry about the gory details. I just really needed to write them down.


Alice In Fashionland said...

Gosh, that sounds horrid. Hope you're alright now!

Eva said...

Thank u Alice. :D I am feeling much much better now!


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