Friday, April 16, 2010

On the street: Vintage

Since I started buying vintage clothing last year my biggest concerns were how to wear them without looking like the weird cat lady. I think that is what most of us would think about a lot. As in how do we make vintage wearable and blend in but still remain distinguishably chic.

These ladies seem to be doing a good job so I put them in as a reference to share with you guys. :)

P/s: I'd really like to do a giveaway soon but the traffic in this blog is disappointingly low. So if you like my blog, please follow it. You can do it via Google, Bloglovin' or Facebook. Will do the giveaway when we reach 100 followers! :D

Source: Stockholm Street Style, Street Peeper, Drop Tokyo, The Style Scout.


Helga! said...

I'm following you,baby!!
And what is wrong with looking like a weird cat lady!?Hahahaha,I think I probabl;y look weirder than you're average cat lady!But you look beautiful!

Eva said...

Thanks Helga! :) You can totally pull the look off tho! I don't think I could. :(


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