Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who Wears The Pants?

Thanks to the screening of Coco Avant Chanel last year, us girls recognise the importance of practical clothing again, especially pants. A garment that is much more practical than tights, leggings and skirts if you are a busy girl who has to hustle hustle in your daily activities. Or you ride a bike. Like me. So I have decided to have a Pants-off competition, between the guys and the ladies from several stylish points of the world.

Take a look at these stylish pantsters and vote in the poll.

Photos from: The Sartorialist, Style Clicker, Stockholm Street Style, Face Hunter, Altamira


Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh I've been seeing and reading about these pants a lot the past few weeks, seems it's a kind of microtrend now :) I absolutely love the look of these kind of pants, too, and I really wanna have some, but I find it so hard to find the perfect pair. Anyway, thanks for these great inspiring photos :)

Alice In Fashionland said...

The first picture: I love those pants! Wish I could make my man wear those.

Eva said...

@ Bad Taste Toast: Thanks for passing me the Happy10 award. :D I am so sorry I have been busy preparing for an upcoming test and did not repost it yet. Oh and the pants, I just got a pair off Trademe. :) It's a but overpriced, so I would say hit the thrift store or vintage boutiques around your area. Wish you luck with the pants hunt! :D

@ Alice in Fashionland: Lol Yea, they are so unique eh? I inheritted a pair like those from my sister but I am not sure if I can pull that off. But then again I am Asian so I can probably try some quirky clothes and still get away with it like the boys in the photo.

Melrose said...

i love menswear... just another thing us ladies do better!

Meaghan Kelly said...

oh what a fantastic post! i love the idea! although i totally think that those men's styles beat the ladies, it might only be because i think men streetstyle photos are always so awesome!

MarchMusings said...

I'm an NZ blogger as well. Neat blog. If you feel like visiting mine its:

red | hongyi said...

oooh ur blog is VERY nice! i saw ur comments at and thought i'd take a look. Seems like u dedicate a lot of time & energy into it, and ur photos are gorgeous. u should be getting more exposure girl - it's a quality blog u have! ;)

ps: come visit mine too! i JUST started =D


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