Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Day Of School

I was just thinking about going hiatus for Eve's Eden after coming back from the retreat from Mount Hutt. Then came the long waited and well-deserved Easter holiday! This Chambray shirt finally arrived at our doorsteps yesterday. I was quite doubtful about getting it at first but it was the only item that is vintage-likable and affordable so I placed my bid half hoping that I would be outbid. But guess what, nobody bidded after me!

Anyway, I have been reading The Sartorialist's blog faithfully lately, and decided that this outfit would be cool to put together. :) I am sorry I couldn't write more in this blog but I am rushing for a dance party with the girls! More updates soon? Maybe?

Happy Easter Holidays!

Mango Bucket Bag,
Glassons Pencil Skirt,
Vintage Chambray Shirt,
Brown Brogues,
Fred Flare Red Wayfarer.


PeiWen said...

Our bag^^v
love ur skirt =D

gleenn said...

i love your blog. fits well with your outfit especially the top ;)

p.s i'm a follower and a fan at fb.

Erin said...

this looks like a comfy outfit meant for fun

Helen said...

lovely outfit, very alexa chung


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