Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the street: Milan

Regretfully, this is what I call a lazy post. Although they are inspiring and amazing, I have to say, I tend to do posts like these when I am busy and have no mood for a decent outfit post/better researched posts.

Anyhow, these ladies are amazing. Look at lady #1! The skirt convince me that sheer is totally chic! And to top that the tights matches the outfit like they are meant to be together for life. I just love how she wears a simple t-shirt and leather jacket to tone down the mod-ness of the bottom. This is what I label as fashion genius, the serendipity kind of ensemble that is simply chic and inspiring.

Lady #2 had on this edgy black "cold shoulder" blazer that literally screams out. That is one gorgeous piece that I would not consider wearing. So I have to put it in the category of "to be awed at". But I have to say, isn't her skirt just intriguing? Not only that it is high waisted and in the right colour, the textured coil on it is just pure individualism.

Lady #3 and Lady #4 are just direct opposite of each other, one with cute head-dress and the other with geek glasses - but both wearing the (almost) identical shoes! They are the perfect outfit shots to show how we can achieve different looks with the same pair of shoes. Flared coat for a girly look or checked pants and manly jumper for that town chic look. Delightful!

Even though lady#5 did not stand out when I first lay my eyes on the photo, I do like how she wears her denim vest. I had been contemplating whether a denim vest can qualify as a wardrobe staple and this photo is just making the decision harder. She look so 90's in a good way, with black lace, black laced-up boots and denim vest over zipper top. She just look so comfortably out of time.

The last lady #6, hmm... she made me feel like studding my black trench. If she is wearing that trench minus the studs, it would not be nice at all, would it? Ah, how studs can spice things up.

Sometimes I do wish we have more interesting fashion people walking around in Christchurch. Walking in the city without running into any fashionably dressed person is just not natural, don't you think?


sophiasa said...

LOVE the studded trench, such a cool idea!

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MADMSL said...

Love the blog!
I can actually just sit and relax and read and soak in the visuals without stress. Definitley bedtime reading.

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Beso said...

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