Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lest we forget

I launched head first into my books around the time we had Anzac day. It was the end of last week. I have been dying to want to go to Two Squirrels vintage for weeks but talked myself out of it. Then, I stop going to malls and shops and thrift stores. The reasons for all the above, midsectionals. Every law student's third worse nightmare (after law essays and law finals). Unfortunately, mine was lined up 3 in a roll, back to back. But I have to say, it is not as hard as last year's exams. Either it's me not trying hard enough, or my new plan of energy sustainability is working.

Eva's Energy Sustainability Agenda
- Caffiene (the neccesarry evil)
- Midnight snacks (to sustain blood sugar level all night)
- warm ugly clothes for night (so it won't break your heart when you rip a new pair of tights and end up sulking instead of studying.)
- pretty cheerful clothes for day (like powersuits of the 80's & 90's, they work!)

what I wore:

Mango t-shirt, thrifted skirt, belt and shoes, Just jeans scarf. sleepy eyes.


Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

Being a student is a lot of work. Especially in exam times. When I was a student I would make meals ahead so I just had to put something in the microwave the last week before a big exam. I didn't want to waste my time cooking. :)I like your outfit! Best of luck with your exams!

RoseBarbie said...

I love your outfit...your blog is great...I followed you...follow me too???



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