Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There is no more heat in the breeze

Summer is long gone but the actual effect of autumn just came in last week. The heat in the wind and the sun that warms up the cold had officially departed from the way down south. My horrible tests are finally over and I can finally enjoy the doughnuts Yvonne got from Auckland!

Since we don't have any doughnut chains in Christchurch Yvonne is always excited to get them whenever she goes to the North Island. She escaped my warzone last week by going to see John Mayer's concert. I kind of escaped by buying lots of stuff (and selling lots of my old stuff). It was as if I had a closet upheaval. I woke up yesterday and was just shocked. Literally shocked, in fear, because my shopaholicism had come to a stage that I am capable to haul out my closet and replace them with something else. I can barely recognise some pieces of clothing that I brought from Malaysia with me a couple of years ago. They are the brave ones that survived my constant clothes trading.

So I guess I am going to stop brutally shopping. Like what my friend Rex suggested, it is impossible to stop completely but I can shop less. I can. :)

I guess I will do more remix outfits from today onwards then!

In the shots: Buckle shoes, black tights, vintage nautical dress, vintage cream jumper, Dunkin Donuts.

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