Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dress-Up Soiree

One of the many things that stop me from constantly updating my blog last week is actually one of the most blog-worthy event in this year. Well, blog-worthy for my blog anyway. Since the great America is too far away, I am deprived of the opportunities to attend flashy nice intimate little blogger meet-ups by Independent Fashion Bloggers, Weardrobe, Chictopia etc. BUT, since I am involved in Student Life in uni, and we do have a wonderful group of ladies and a tradition of having a big girlie event every year, we made a list, of all the possible things we can do. Chocolate fountain and tea party won all our squeals.

The Dress-Up Soiree happened last friday in Olivia's newly painted lounge. We had wonderful food (especially the scones!), tea, coffee, hot chocolate and amazing ladies. Thank God for it being a girls only event, we ate (almost) shamelessly. If it wasn't for the fact that I was wearing my $250 leather jacket, I think there is a possibility of me trying to dive into the fountain.

Anyhow, I brought my camera and shot away! The pictures came out beautifully and we did a photobooth session which was then made into a video by yours truly. Hope these will be sufficient to keep you coming back to my blog for a while as I will be having my midterms over the week. :P

Yummy food and gorgeous setting - I did the decor!
Keren and Ema during the blanket game

Teacup, pebbles and candles
Hottie Johanna
After getting ready in Olivia's room. ;)

What I wore: Glassons floral sweetheart dress, Glassons lace tights, Perpetual Princess Bird in Necklace, Dream shoes from Overland, Viparo leather jacket (not in picture).

Top (left to right): Bo Young, Olivia, Jacinda and Nicola.
Bottom(left to right): Quyen, Rebecca, Ning and me.

The Dress-Up Soiree Photobooth from Eva Leong on Vimeo.


PianoBoy said...

have fun ya!

Ray Hidayat said...

Man that soiree thing looked really fun. What's the blanket game?!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh you look so beautiful and perfectly styled! :)

Looks like you had a blast, very cute photos!

Eva said...

Nathan: Hehe Thanks!

Ray: It was!!! The blanket game is where Sarah and Olivia hold up the blanket(like a curtain) between 2 groups of girls and when they drop the blanket the persons behind each side of the blanket will have to shout out the other person's name. Whoever got it first wins. :D
Sounds simple but it was quite intense!.

Bad taste toast: Thank you :D

Fashion Butter said...

you are adorable!


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