Sunday, May 23, 2010

What happened to you?

I have to say I am so bad at time management because I procrastinate a lot. But I am working on it and I am sure I will make a point to set time aside for actually writing some nice long posts instead of the picture and two line of words thing that I kept doing recently.

So what happened to me since the last time(around a week ago...the last one was kind of a scheduled post so it doesn't count) I posted something? I slept for less than two hours on 3 consecutive days. I guess you might be curious why would I do something so cruel to myself so I am going to tell you. I had an essay due on Friday. An essay which required a reading done beforehand, and the reading was hmm....not very short. I did hand in the essay on time and enjoyed most of time when I was writing it while feeling all academic and smart.

Other than that, I thrifted this $1 velvet-like jumper (originally from Marks and Spencer) from the hospice store in the student union building before they close down (sad face).

Oh and I tried to wear a tee, pencil skirt and cardigan combo like Alexa Chung, but ended up going more indie than brit.

So here are some lazily-done-but-adequate outfit shots for you to enjoy before I whip up another favourite collection collage. :)

Perpetual Princess Bird-In-A-Necklace
Thrifted jumper originally from Marks and Spencer
Tweed shorts from Esprit
Black tights
Emu Ugg boots bought on sale last year

Oh-so-indie straw hat from Andrea's vintage sale #2
Mom's multicoloured scarf - Esprit
Dusty Blue Cardigan from Gap
Wendy's t-shirt
Black Pencil Skirt from Glassons
Vintage brown belt
Black tights
Vintage buckled shoes


Alice In Fashionland said...

Oh, the straw head is soo cute! And I love the velvet jumper.

Essays are doom, lol.

nikol said...

Love the straw hat brown shoe combo. Just like the outfit in general (: and may copy it soon haha.


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