Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Hunt

If you are my friend from Facebook, you would know that I planned a vintage hunt trip for the girls during this Easter holiday. I have been cruising through the days as if I am on vacation - which I shouldn't be doing - so it took me a few days to edit and finally upload the pretty pictures we took along the way.

I had always wanted to go sniff around in Christchurch city centre since last year but the only time I could actually go roam around the streets were Sunday afternoons after church ends when all the shops are closed - sad face. But our university's weekly magazine ('Canta') published a feature on vintage shopping just a few weeks ago and listed some of the most amazing shops and I was just so tempted to go. So after gaining a year of experience bus-ing and reading actual maps and finding the right addresses, I gathered a group of ladies and we head off for an adventure.

2nd Edition - not really a vintage store but it is a secondhand bookstore in the city where we passed by. Special thanks to Esther for showing us this beautiful little hidden shop in the alley. The owner is a chic lady with great concepts and really modest when it comes to compliments. Her shop is just gorgeous and stocked with art and wonderful books. I love how it is not overwhelmingly big and the place smelled nice, unlike most old secondhand bookstores on the main streets.

The owner gave me a slip of paper with her shop details when I bought Sophie Kinsella's 'Remember Me' ($6!). It says "2nd Edition Art & Quality pre-loved books (bought and sold) 22 Poplar Street Christchurch City Centre 03 379 3501". So here you go, if you are in Christchurch and is planning a vintage shopping trip, take a detour to this little shop, I'm sure you'll adore it!

Etcetera - it was featured in 'Canta' magazine. This the the first shop that we went into on the trip. It was not exactly what I imagine it would be but definitely a good starting point for the trip. Etcetera smelled like coffee (because they sell coffee at the corner of the store) and is filled with militaria antiques from the Second World War. I could not help but stare at the military jackets and the stained flag in awe. Then there was some impressive pieces like this old Hollywood styled dress. It was as if I just walked into Catherine Zeta-Jones' "Chicago" wardrobe. Gasp!

The ladies took a picture with the hat collections in Etcetera. I love Rebecca's hat!

Above: This is my favourite alley way in the city, where they hang vintage bicycles on the walls. I accidentally walked into this back-lane last year and took a few pictures of it and thought that it would be cool if I can show it to somebody, and I finally did! :) And we found the car that was up on the walls opposite this one. Yes, a VW mini cooper.

Above: Tête-à-tête on Hereford Street, our last stop of the day. The owner is a darling lady who has good taste on vintage things. I bought the most beautiful little wool cardigan I have ever seen here! It fitted so well! It was a 100% wool (warmth!) cream coloured knitted cropped cardi with metal buttons. Just typing the description of it gives my shopaholic heart a jolt!

Other than that, we went to Lin's at (71, Kilmore Street) for Dim Sum lunch. It was amazing! All the girls were satisfied and happy when we left. Yummy custard desserts~

And I leave the best for the last, Gertie's Vintage Clothing on High Street was epic! They had lovely coats hanging on the racks and gloves in a vintage briefcase! I found the tiniest fur jacket that no kiwis would fit (Yooyah Asian Size!) and I am just thankful that people from 10 20 years ago are 2 sizes smaller than the modern homo sapiens. Some pieces are over-priced though I would say, but Gertie's do have the most amazing collection of vintage clothing I've ever seen so far.

featured in this post: Esther from 凹凸.


wishwishwish said...

i love love love the bikes on the wall! it looks amazing! x

Camelia Crinoline said...

I've never been to 2nd edition, I will have to check it out. I love all the stuff in tete a tete. It was really cool to meet you today. If you want to have study group for contract sometime text/email me.



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