Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank God It's Saturday! =P

After the cold war, I went to dinner with mom and dad. And guess what, daddy feels like getting a good bite of the good old Jack Daniel. =P *YUM* Here's some pics.

San Francisco - honestly, it looked great but taste like...ENO.T_T

Even the lemon and lime couldn't rescue the taste

Juicy ribs made daddy get all hands-on..muahahaaa~


And so the remains of the poor gu is being dragged away...

The remains of Buffalo wings *licks lips*

Mommy starring into mid-air after a good meal. She's waiting for wonder there's a twinkle in her eyes. *_*

Daddy - probably thinking about the bill right now. No regrets eh, dad XD

I've always thought that light thingy is really cool.


looks like someone trashed the loo before I went in...urgh*

OOO dessert's here!

Nothing beats cookie and ice-cream!

Mom's choco-mocca thingy...mmm~

more next time kay? Ian's yelling at me to go for lunch...ta~



1 comment:

N A B i L A ' S J o U R N A L said...

how bad could that drink be? what drink was that by the way?


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