Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the Secret

Leaf (Ye Xiang Lun) tactfully captured the hearts of many...

the Secret's poster...

The Secret poster II

It's been quite awhile since I fall in love with a movie like that... it's simply impressive..heart-warming and the ending is just too unexpected. I really want to write a review on it..but either it's my health or just the lack of inspiration...
A beauty...the movie is a beauty..I have to give Jay Chou the credit, he must had put a lot of thought into that movie..every scene, every word, every note, every expression has a story of its own and all these lil pieces put together to give us a secret so warm and such fascination.
To watch and really feel it at the first time is my pride, though it seems a bit confusing to others, the ending seems to shine light on every missing puzzle. To most of us, it's easy to understand the beauty of the story and to appreciate every note and every second of the movie, as if it would not be complete if we had left the room before it ends. I am still learning to not be bias of Jay Chou and learn to understand his arts.

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