Thursday, October 4, 2007

va the sicky

I woke up yesterday and the first thing that registered was..."ouch, my throat." There's probably nothing worse than waking up in the beginning of the week to find yourself half mute and half dead. I blame nobody... honestly, I deserve it and so far the price I need to pay for my happy weekend is still pretty much worth it...right? Argh..

Well started since Monday and I guessed it was just one of those durr-ness when I have too little sleep since the sleepover. So I took it for granted, not for long though. Thank God my Tuesday classes have 3 and a half hours between so I took 3 of my college mates and drove all the way back to Bayan Baru...and to repay my kindness Wei Ling said she thinks I go all the way back just because the doctor look cute.. -.-"

I wouldn't deny that the doc actually look better than other Ah Pek doctors but it's totally not that. I just like the clinic so much! lol...really..y'know, it's like, the clinic has such nice decor with those squashy couch and a fridge full of Yakult and very near to my old condo, which I still have a thing for... I just can't help romanticizing about my past, you can't hold me guilty for that.

Anyway, I took those medications for a couple of days already but I still have stuffy nose and really dry skin 'cause the medication is hoarding all the moisture in my body...and water really doesn't taste that good when your mouth is all bittery. And of course, nobody wants to get those sarcastic remarks from Mrs. Hathia due to the frequency of restroom-going. Did I mention that my lips are cracking's painful.. T.T

I guess all these still can't stop me from going to class, except that I had been a much better patient than a student, so I would take my medicines even if I'm going to class. Do note that I take the cough syrup too...which is kinda working on me now...*blurred* The real miracle isn't even about me driving safely all the way to and fro college, it's that I still can copy notes and answer questions. Even myself was kinda surprise when I realize that was what I was doing, copying notes and answering questions, I mean.

Urgh...I really can't go on for long or I'd probably be too weak to even change into my pajamas. Lovie y'all. Sorry if you got infected from me. If you're not, do try to avoid me, it's contagious.*

bittery stuff...
.medicine at my bedside.
cough syrup...almost finish in 2 did I drive home?!
What the doc gotta say, what va had to pay...-.-"

-va the sicky-


Bloggesizer said...

..haiyoi..haha.. hey very sorry to hear that you're sick... what to do ler? eat lots of medicine and hope that you get better soon lo...that's all ler...

Eva Leong said...

thankie fu ^^ heh,now okay dee lor =)



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