Monday, October 8, 2007

Days unmarked

You's just one of those days that goes unnoticed. Blurry classes where you are so sick that you can hardly remember a quarter of what the lecturer is blabbing about and all your notes are plain useless. It's bad enough that you have to go through one of those..only lately, all my days are like those..unmarked. unnoticed. unmeaningful. Even though the exam is significantly closer, I've been wasting my time off like nobody's business.

Been to the clinic twice...having my second bottle of cough syrup and sleeping through time and dozing off in classes..I wish the lecturers would snap at me or something...I really need some sparks to keep me uptight. Whine it up or whatever you peeps wanna call it. I want to be fed up with myself but I just can't. It's like people keep telling it's okay 'cause I'm sick, I need rest. I know it's rubbish, A levels is coming soon and I can't afford every second that I spend on sleeping. Come on! Haven't I already seen my results in the mock exam?! It's just plain bad, I've never done so bad in every subject! I wouldat least get a really good one in high school and whatever I got was clearly not a 'good one'. Yea, our whole class sucked. It doesn't mean I have to be as bad too! ARGH!!!!

Okay,I guess I just gave myself a really good reason to start...just hope that it's not too late till my exam starts...crap, I don't even remember the date I'm taking my exams.


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