Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Super Sweet Sixteen, Emmanuel~

Blessed birthday, Emma!!! Missing you heaps~! This is for you, a very Penang Lang post! XD

Woi~ Si hami food photo in your blog! GAI I miss diao Nasi Lemak like pregnant woman mia craving nia. Birthday syok ar? Weeiiii my birthday sure beh syok wan...Winter you know...Somebody saw snow this morning and it's not even winter yet. Last day of Autumn nia...

I want to go home lahhh...Yoi. Oh yea...I really like the pic! Wanted Dead or Alive! HAHA...I prefer Alive lah..abo cannot eat nasi lemak. I got so many things wanna do in Penang till I tink I should write a list liao. Ahbo sure beh ki wan.

AND EMMA!!!! I just ordered a pair of BOOTS! Black one got heels wan AND AND it's THIGH HIGH. HAHAHHA...SO NOT ME RITE!!!!! BUT super nice...LIKE ANTM will have mia thing. HAHahhahahahHAhhaHAhahHAahha... See if my bag got place or not..if got baru bring back let you see and lau nuah over it! HAHAHA~!!!!!

Miss you a lot...wait till I go back we pi shopping canoeing and jalan jalan in pasar malam la...=) Love ya lil bro. Be fab!


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