Monday, June 1, 2009

No wonder they say I'm an idiot

After four months..FOUR months. No wonder I am known for my blurr-ness. Well, we'll start back in, say, last December. When mom and dad and I were shopping at Vivo City Mall in Singapore before heading to Sentosa Island. Then, as usual, my eyes with the help of superd black rimmed glasses caught the most beautiful word ever written. SALES! And the next most beautiful word "LEVI'S SIGNATURE".

Crap, mom and dad are so dead.

So yea, I got a pair of jeans and a minis! Oh and a couple of polo Tees. Mom and dad got some T-shirts and Yvonne, even not present at the moment, got a pair of jeans and a black T. How will those goodies get to the sister overseas? By another sister going overseas of course. Me! - who is totally clumsy and have the blurrness of a 1960's camera.

And so the things arrived safely, both pair of jeans in my overweight suitcase. And the problem comes in when we are taking out the good stuff. I gave her my size 27 slim fit and got her size 29 regular straight. Then I went on and try my pants. SO LOOSE. Gai...but but but you see, my common sense didn't reach far enough to make me check the label. So, I bought myself a belt instead. Life went on. With a belt

The great enlightenment: When I was doing the laundry a few minutes ago. Then I got confused which is which. AND I looked at the label. So great. Now all I have to do is to tell her I got hers and she got mine. She was actually very happy to have this slim fit one. Her first (or mine) slim fit jeans ever. Great. Way to go Eva, go ruin another day. The Queen's birthday.

total blurred Va


PeiWen said...

~ that's your style , lOL ~

Eva said...

hahahaa...eek...all solved now..I got my slim fit jeans back =P


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