Monday, June 1, 2009

That I would be good?

It's four in the morning, there is no school tomorrow, it's the Queen's birthday. Like the Sultan's birthday in Malaysia, like the time when it always bump into mine and while the whole nation celebrate my birthday alongside with the Sultan's, they close up bakeries and force me - who do not have a royal baker in my kitchen - to either live without a birthday cake or to get one the day before my real birthday. So what is new in New Zealand?

It's officially winter, the dawn of 1st of June. First time ever that I get into this blogging mood like the one I soak in back in my apartment days. It's probably the effect of dawn and some random hormones collision. And Stefanie Sun's version of the good old songs. So would I be good in situations that are that messed up? Yes and no. I've seen myself acting like a total tool, and I am not proud of it. But yea, I will be good. Since my bad was ever really that bad. So yea, I will be good, here. No matter how much I miss home.

I heard your voices yesterday. Just over the phone. It feels like we're not that far away. I know what's going on in your lives and most of the who what when and how. It's a beauty. I hope I haven't loose my passion. I think I still feel the clingy warmth and want to be so so nice to everyone. It sparks when I am not too deep into the melancholy thoughts.

I am getting a camera. And I know that most of my photos are monotonous. But I still like pretty things, I still want to snap them and make them into little pictures and keep them in bottles. Maybe I will share it with you. If only you would come close enough.

Not too into it,

-Winter Vava-

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