Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lookbook Invititation!

I just bought these ah-mazing socks from Topshop yesterday. This post is for all you lookbookers! Hype me if you like it.

And as I promise, I'll be giving out lookbook invitation. Just leave your email in the comment and I'll send out the invitation to the lucky ones!

I'll be drawing the emails on this same time next week! All the best!



Anonymous said...

Hi hi I'd love to have an invite code ^_^ thank you


Jacklyn said...

I would love an invite code!

Thanks so much. =]


sara said...

hi! please send an invite code my way!
you can see examples of my style at my deviantart :3
thank you!

S? said...

that would be amazing

Becca Jo said...

Cute blog!

Would love an invite for Lookbook


Cristina said...

I would love to have an invite code! I really like your blog too :)

Thank you :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome outfit! The socks are cute and that top is so great.

Rose said...

hyped! i'm diggin' those union jack socks.

i'd be extremely grateful for an invite code (:

thank you!

Eva said...

Thanks Rebecca :D


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