Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So long, so long.

My summer starts now, it's gonna last for one week, so long, so long. Idle days to come. Stroll on the sunny streets, walking like any other pedestrians, only it's my summer, so long so long. Then drive on the road just beside those, sometimes with the window down after rain, like those leaving this town, goodbye. It's gonna be my summer. With my friends, my God, my car, the beach and the summer time.

I'm sure this season can be held in my arms, like the sunshine and the wind. Be random and spontanious. To fall in love with my favourite band again, those who practice in the garage with a few guitars, a keyboard and a drum. How the strumming of the guitar stays in the air when the music goes quiet and build up again. Take a deep breath and breath in the dreamy voice of the lead. So long, so long.

Stay with you for a while, jump around for a while, maybe a run in the beach, a few screams and some happy shouts. I will live under the cover of the summer breeze under the sky. Just as summer was here. I was here and now I'm gone. I'm gone, I'm gone. So long, so long.

-summer time. so long so long-

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