Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Greatest Thing

There are so many good things that I can say about God, if I make a list, I don't think I would have time to go take a nap before tonight's service. And the thing is, He is go great that His goodness is overflowing from me. It's natural for people who are blessed to want to share to everyone about the good things that happen.

It's kind of a turn-off when people just refuse to hear or refuse to believe that good things can still happen in this age. It hurts to see that people who dwell in this world alone for all these time, they start to loose faith in the smallest miracle, they become to rational to be spiritual. It's just like how people don't cry a real tear don't chuckle a real laughter anymore.

But the greatest thing about God is that He is alive. He is alive. All present tense. It's a statement. HE IS ALIVE. No matter how much you want to deny it, He is. It doesn't matter if you don't believe it, or you simply ignore the fact that He is, or you couldn't care less because you're too busy, the fact won't turn fiction. He is alive.

Miracles won't stop happening, young people won't stop making prophesy, old people won't stop dreaming dreams, men and women of God won't stop preaching, Christians won't stop walking with faith. It doesn't matter if you don't believe. You can deny all great works that God did, is doing or will do in the future. But all of us know it is true, He is the God, one and only God, living God. He doesn't need your confirmation. It's the other way round, we need HIS!

If you don't believe, you are the one who's missing out. God's timing. Grab hold of Him today, because even if you won't, I will.



Anonymous said...

i feel like ur teasing me in the
2nd para.what r u doing recently?busy? got ur schorlarship?do u mind giving me your e-mail?i just need 2 talk.privately.

writer said...

Hmm...well, i think there must be tonnes of ppl around who fits d description, its not up to me to name them all.. Hahha, anyway,

Whoever you are. There u go. =)


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