Wednesday, June 4, 2008


2 and 7 used to be my favourite numbers; 2 I just like it, it's seems pleasant to me, and 7 because it's God's number. But I bet tonnes of people hate the combination now. It's the rumoured price for petrol after the hike. It used to be RM1.92 for every litre. Mum said it's gonna be 4 bucks per litre in August, 'cause they said the petrol price will rise to the market price, 4 freakin' bucks, that is. Hmm. I still love 2 and 7, separated or not.

Anyway, it took us about 2 hours to jam our way to the Petronas, and mum really wanted to go to the loo. I guess we blame the government. They could have subsidize our petrol. Andrew wore this T-shirt that demand a certain leader to step down. Hmm.. I have no comment. He can stay if he can help us with the petrol price. I'm not gonna be happy if mum and dad decide to sell off my Audi because of its petrol consumption.

Guess what? There was this moment when I actually hated the petrol station. Not Petronas though, it's a Shell station. They close the station down just now. We passed Greenlane McDonalds at about 7.30p.m. The station was closed but the station's office has its lights on, meaning there was actually someone inside. Sneaky sneaky. Hmm...They think they can save their stocks till after the hike and sell us the old stocks after the price increased. HA! Caught in the act. And there was this reporter there who took pictures of the petrol station. Of course we will know which one after that. Where else can you find a SHELL station beside Penang most well-known McDonalds.

Here are some pictures that I took while waiting for the queue and while pumping petrol.

It was drizzling a lil' when we got to the station.

The people are already there to get their tank-fulls of petrol.

And they just keep coming! Look at those cars!

This fella was so happy he was pointing and dicussing about the petrol price.

Petronas personnel helping to organize the traffic.

Mum was getting annoyed by the long queue. X/

Pumping petrol was neve so hard! He's trying to screw the cap of the petrol tank in.

Full tank. YAY!

Actually I was just happy that mum paid for the bills. Now I can drive to Tanjung Bungah for canoe-ing this weekend dee! Whee~ Happy Birthday, Va~



aAnAnD said...

DIE THOSE BN ##@!!%?~.....I'M FULL OF ANGER NOW!...ooooza,ooooza....BN=Barang Naik!

Francis Foo said...

penang loser..waited for hours to pump..i waited 20minutes to fill up my SLK and 15 minutes to fill up my honda 90 only....

aanand said...

lar i fill up my bike in 5mins din say anythin also...hahaha...

Nabz said...

1 hour from qbay to my place which usually be like what, 5-10 minutes?! WTH??!! Kill Pak Lah! Semua pun boleh

Francis Foo said...

duh..i actually filled up my tank with V Power at Rm2.05..for the last time i can afford....btw,they didn't annouced the price for it...should be rm3/litre i suppose.

Terima Kasih Pak Lah Atas Hadiah Kekalahan BN dalam. Pilhanraya Umum.o0o

Eva said...

well, like i said, if i m forced to sell off my audi, i m not gonna be happy. Plus, we will be voting for the nex election. BAHHH~!!!



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