Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunny But Not So Warm After All

So it was my last weekend in Christchurch. I've never really get the thing about holidays. I know we need rests and stuff. But what's the deal about 3 months of rest every year? What do you do? Rest all 3 months? That's like coma isn't it? Blurh...

Since it is quite clear that unless I have some projects signed up or a summer job, I don't really have a reason to stay in Christchurch for all 3 months. And being a typical first-year, I've already made sure I get to go back for my holidays and bought my flight tix way earlier. So let me be grudgy this weekend. After lots of days listening to my sis's repeated complains about her friends, her chanting about her work, her admiration for the Ellen Degeneres Show. I quit. I will be grumpy and grudgy and not nice.

Roars. Don't mess with me, or I will kick you with me boots.

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