Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nagger Nags, Whiner Complains

So I was talking to Big Bird from Sesame Street just now until my phone died on me. The big topic seemed to encircle around tuning out. One thing we both agreed on is that living with a woman is like living with a woman whom you got married to for 30 years. To simplify it, living with a woman, regardless of the actual relationship you are in with her, it will feel like she is your wife of 30 long miserable years.

Oh I have nothing against my own gender. I just think that if given the option to make life easier for someone else, we should take it, not trash it.

Nagger nags, whiner complains; that's what they do, otherwise they wouldn't be who they are. From the everyday habits of their friends, colleagues, garden, clothes, shoes...extending to things that have no relation to their life like American national TV. They just don't see the dark cloud hanging over their heads, the trail of trash cans tied to their waist.

I am not stupid, tuning out doesn't work half the time. Not listening doesn't mean you don't hear. Subconsciously absorbing is just as disturbing as actively engaging in such conversation. Only, tuning out probably helps to end the conversation quicker.

I would say. Take it easy, lady. There is nothing in life that you can't complain about if you are determined enough. Self control is a gift. And gifts, bring joy.

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