Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Malicious Intentions

Nothing sucks more than living with a difficult person with a severe attitutional problem. Yes literally living with one, eat, drink, sleep, use the same loo with that person. Urgh..plain disgusting! I can't help but have malicious thoughts flying across my mind all day. Thoughts that involves sharp knitting needles, the classic kitchen knife, an imaginary pool in the backyard, a pair of black gloves, a stuffed up pillow... Thank goodness I don't sleepwalk. Who knows what my subconscious is capable of considering how many mischiefs I can plan consciously.

I did not have that much venomous thought when I took these photos but michief seems to lurk in the corner of my eyes. Simply love it.

In this photo:
Vintage Dots Dress worn as top, belt worn as hairband
Esprit A-line skirt
Thrifted skinny brown belt
Printed Tights
Clarks not-so-comfy Mary Janes

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