Monday, November 30, 2009

Not So Pleasant


Funky nails and docs

I actually took these photos weeks ago when I was in Christchurch, getting all distracted when I was packing my bags before heading home to Penang. Hmm...that was when Penang was a word that rings in my ear with the tinkling sounds very much like how "sales", "shoes", "designer bags" sounded to me. 3 weeks into my arrival and I am already anticipating my return.
9 months is enough to get me addicted to thrift stores, good online shopping systems and a 4-season walk-in closet. Boots seems like a bad choice half the time when I am here, but since dad got an old Hilux that I am allowed to drive, my docs seems to fit in better with the hot & humid weather. Just for looks.
Oh well. I am sad to say that the only victim of my shopaholicism thus far is only a rainbow coloured square scarf from Forever 21. And a deposit for a new entry level DSLR that is scheduled to arrived in 1-2 weeks. Wait up, people, a decent camera is just the beginning for any blogger. :D

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