Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's Up Malaysia?

Nothing really. I have been busy. I am so busy that this cannot possibly be considered a holiday. I just hope I can get my target done and so earn those extra bonus that is rewarding enough to justify this madness. Workaholicism. It's crazy. I am a shopaholic. Maybe obsessive compulsiveness is somewhere in my blood, boiling over every time I get too enthusiastic about something.

So that explains my lack of decent outfit post. Besides, my hard case is so heavy that I can hardly bring any decent clothes back with me even though I was already way over-stuffing my luggage. The lady was nice enough to let me pass through with an amazing 27.6kg when the limit was 20. Big thank you to you, Singapore Airlines lady.

Yvonne and dad took these outfit shots for me. I didn't intend to, they thought this outfit is pretty cool. Big smile!

The legendary little blue car.

This is so blurred I can't put it on Weardrobe/Chictopia. :(

I put together this outfit in a rush. An old Esprit shirt and my thrifted Sportsgirl boyfriend blazer. Works out preeetty well.

Not the average working class.
P/s: Hope you guys like my new haircut!

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