Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wawa Wacom!

I wish I can say that I bought lots of clothes, shoes and bags but the fact is I got lots of electronics and barely any clothes (considering the clothes and shoes fetish I had since I discovered Trademe). I got a new camera, a nintendo Wii and bought a new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch just hours ago. Since when did I become an electronic chick?! I got this bad feeling that I am gonna sell them off when I get back to NZ...but I am trying to be positive and think that I would fully utilise them. Just as how I am determine to do the things I wanna do (and can do) until I graduate and get a job and be forced into becoming a responsible adult. For now, I'm gonna do what I want. Blurh!

So here's what I got so far....

Wawa Wacom~!

I have no time for outfit shots! This is the best I can come out with. :(

Outfit: Esprit White Singlet, Esprit printed skirt, Overland gladiator sandals and Just Jeans soft leather bag.

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