Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sick As A Dog

Ever since we came back from Thailand, almost everyone in the family are sick. Ian is down with severe food poisoning, dad with flu and sore throat, mom with joint pain and I with cough and a very bad cold. It's a good thing though, I think. It is as if our body is demanding us to rest -which is not working that well since considering it's way past midnight and I am still blogging. But I finally got the rush to take proper outfit shots and all that. I must give the credit to my hard-earned one day off work. *smile*

I took these shots in my much coveted bedroom which I would show my friends if given the chance, but I am not much of a socialite and I still keep the belief that it is not that proper to show guests your bedroom so only my close friends had seen and share the admiration of this pretty lair that I have.

In this shot: Zara plaid shirt, Esprit wool shorts, black knee-high stockings, brown brogues.

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Ay said...

Looks good!!!!



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