Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Fall

H&M would like you to keep it simple, and man up!





shermaine said...

hey eva, love your posts! and i can see that u've been shopping much? ;) i really like the men's shirt look, but then i just ordered some stuffs from H&M....

anyway, all the best for the upcoming exams! can't wait for you to visit the little red dot (:


Eva said...

Shermaine! Aww thank you :P Yep been shopping a lil bit. How did you get your order through? Forwarding it from the states? I can't wait to see you and catch up with ya (can't believe I'll be in Singapore next month!!!) :D

shermaine said...

my bro is in holland now so i got him to pick up some stuffs from the stores (: saves shipping cost but i'll only get them at the end of the year when he returns haha. yuppp 1 month to your arrival! we are all verrrryy excited!


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